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NOTE: UPG Campus Mailing Address changed from 1150 Mt. Pleasant Road, Greensburg, Pa. 15601-5898 to 150 Finoli Drive, Greensburg, Pa. 15601-5898 in Aug. 2006. [Memo. 8/24/06 from Joyce Bucchi]




1995, October

1999, January 20

1999, July 31

2000, August 8
2007, July
n.b. As of Feb., 2016, no new organizational charts issued since 2007. For organizational and administrative changes, see RG02.1, 02.2, 02.3, 02.4, 02.5 Ser.: Memoranda, and RG05 Principals. Ser.: Memoranda.) faz 2/25/2016

[See also: RG00 Ser.: Faculty/Staff Directory for other Organizational Charts.]



25th, 1988

Proclamation, County of Westmoreland, Board of County Commissioners

8 September 1988.

Citation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, House of Representatives. 22 August 1988 

on the 25th Anniversary of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

Congratulations, Senate of Pennsylvania, July 6, 1988 on the 25th Anniversary of the University of

Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

Commemorative Paperweight See: UPG Archives RG69 Artifacts.

40th, 2003
Certificates, Citations, Proclamations
Contains: Citation, “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, House of Representatives on the 40th Anniversary
of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg” sponsored by the Hon. Thomas Tangretti, Sept. 5, 2003;
”Senate of Pennsylvania Congratulations [on 40th Anniversary]” sponsored by Sen. Allen G. Kukovich
and dtd Sept. 17, 2003; “Certificate of Recognition to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg on its
40th Anniversary” from Sen. Allen G. Kukovich 39th Senatorial District of Pennsylvania, Sept. 11, 2003;
[Certificate of Recognition of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 40th Anniversary” sponsored by
Timothy F. Murphy, Member of Congress, 18th Cong. District and dtd Dec. 4, 2003].

UPG Chronology, 1963-2003
Includes “Chronology UPG 1963-2003” prepared by the UPG Archives; “A Brief History of the University
of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 1963-2003: Forty Years of Change and Continuity” (gives lists:
UPG Presidents; President’s Medal for Distinguished Service Award Recipients; UPG Commencement Speakers;
Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award Winners; Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Assoc, Distinguished Alumni
Award Winners; “UPG and the Community”; “Students and Student Life”; “Alumni Activities”; “A Beautiful
219 Acre Four-year Campus”; “Forty Years Ago”); a print copy of the UPG 40th Anniversary web site:
3 components – “The Beginning, 1963-1980”, “The Transition, 1980-1997”, “The Present, 1997-2003”.

UPG 40th Anniversary Events Overview
Includes: preliminary ideas (prior to March 2002); plan for the celebration 9/03-5/04; plan for 9/4/03
reception; events list 9/26/03-4/24/04; tentative calendar of events 6/03-4/04; opening celebration attendees
list; 9/11/03 kick off event plan plus program; media releases.

UPG 40th Anniversary Committee File, Feb. 2002-Apr. 2004
Includes: memoranda/correspondence between committee members in re: early planning of 40th anniversary
events (preliminary ideas); minutes of meetings (organization of academic participation chart; development
of 40th anniversary web site; event development for anniversary; flag pole cost quote; “Wall of Honor” idea
and development); also includes: 40th anniversary logo development; first “40 years of UPG History” draft -
”The End of the Beginning”; correspondence with Chancellor Nordenberg and Provost Maher about
attendance at Sept. 11th kick off event from Dr. Cassell; memorandum from FAC in re end of 40th
anniversary events/celebration.

Subject Files

Banners, Display Boards, Logo
Contains text for Banner and Display Boards; Banners: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Presidents, 1962-2003; Advisory Board, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 1963;
Corporations and Businesses; Foundations; Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching and Service
Awardees [1986-2002]; President’s Medal for Distinguished Service Award Recipients, 1998-2003;
Da Vinci Society Scholars, 2002-2003; Scholarships; PGAA Outstanding Faculty and Distinguished
Alumni Awardee (Outstanding Faculty, 2001-2003); Distinguished Alumni [awarded 2002-2003];
”To All of the Friends of UPG We Say: Merci, Siyabonga, Danke, Grazie, Jollaktom, Gracias, Nandi,
Doh je; Arigato, Wa’-do, Thank you.” [Note: UPG Archives holds the actual banners which are in circular
tubes]. Display Boards Text: Academic Villages; Academics; Alumni; Athletics; Community Service; The
Conference Place; International Study; Smart Growth [Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland
Co.]; The UPG Campus; Westmoreland Heritage. File folder also contains material on the UPG 40th
Anniversary logo.

Budget (UPG 40th Anniversary Program)
Level sheets:  3/13/03, 5/20/03

Capitol Steps
General File: includes correspondence and memoranda (3/30/04-4/8/04); Capitol Steps Introduction;
Program; Invitation to Reception to Join the Cast after the performance; Expenditures/Revenue of
Capitol Steps Program.

Contract: includes contract; Capitol Steps Out-of-town Production specifications; Care and Feeding
of your Capitol Steps Show.

Promotional Materials (includes packet of Public Relations materials; brief video cassette.

Publicity: includes promotional material prepared by UPG University Relations and Institutional
Advancement; ticket order information; newspaper clippings.

Visual Images: See RG60 Visual Images. Prints. Capitol Steps; See RG60 Visual Images
Video Cassette VC VII.23.

Poster: See qRG52 Subject File. Ser.: UPG President’s Scholarship Fund. [Housed in Map Case]

Contains program for UPG vs UPB Women’s and Men’s Basketball Game for the Rose Trophy.
Petersen Events Center (Oakland Campus), Saturday, Jan. 31, 2004; 40th Anniversary UPG
Commencement Program, 4/24/04.

Flyers/Handouts for UPG 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Includes: printed invitation “to join us for a program and reception opening a year-long
celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Partnership between the University of Pittsburgh
and Westmoreland County”, Thursday, 9/11/2003, Ferguson Theater, Smith Hall, UPG;
Original List “40th Anniversary Attendees” [n.b. This list reflects those who indicated that
they were going to attend. Some on this list did not attend as they had indicated while others
not on the list were in attendance. per Dolly Biskup via Karen Gavula. faz.]

Library Display Material
Display materials for 40th UPG Anniversary. For oversize display material, RG00 History Ser.:
40th Anniversary 2003 [Housed in Map Case]

Contains: 2 framed miniature prints, an exact size reproduction of an original color painting
of Lynch Hall executed by artists in England on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg with an accompanying note of transmittal indicating
that this was the first miniature print executed; program for the opening event on Sept, 11, 2003;
40th Anniversary souvenir bookmark; 40th Anniversary decal for windows, bumpers, binders;
40th Anniversary Polo Shirt; memo in re UPG Staff Assoc. fundraising program, i.e., selling polo
and long sleeve denim shirts with an embroidered anniversary logo with proceeds going towards
the purchase and installation of a flagpole at the athletic fields flag plaza; memo in re the creation
of a banner by the UPG Quilters to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the campus.

Newspaper Clippings
Contains: Greensburg Tribune Review insert of 9/9/03, “University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg:
40th, 1963-2003, Celebrating 40 Years With You”; copy of the [UPG] Insider, v. 11 #1,
9/18/03; copy of PITT Chronicle, v. 4 #24, 9/22/03 p3; copy of University Times, v.36 #7,
11/20/03, p4-5; various clippings, 8/28/03-4/5/04.

Power Point Presentation by President Cassell, 9/11/03 (CD-Rom and printed copy of narrative).

Contains: opening ceremony program, UPG 40th Anniversary, 9/11/03; program for the UPG vs. UPB
[University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg vs. University of Pittsburgh at Bradford] women’s and men’s basketball
40th anniversary game for the Rose Trophy, 1/31/04, Petersen Event Center (Oakland Campus).

45th, 2008

Booklet, "Anniversary Planner" Celebrating 45 Years Pitt-Greensburg 1963-2008;

Program, "La Cultura 2008-09 Lecture Series"; news clippings; poster for Fall theater production of "An Evening of One-Acts".

50th, 2013

Citation. 50th Anniversary Citation. "Congress of the United States House of Representatives In Recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, June 8, 2013." Tim Murphy, Member of Congress, 18th Congressional District.

Document. [Congratulations]. Senate of Pennsylvania. In the Senate, June 30, 2012, "...upon the celebration of its [University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg] golden anniversary, which it will celebrate from October 6, 2012 to May 4, 2013...".

Document. Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors. Proclamation. [Proclamation of Congratulations and Appreciation [on the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg celebrating its 50 year anniversary].


"Celebrating 50 Years of Pitt Greensburg. Investing in the Future. 1963-2013." Contents: Downloaded from the UPG campus website: "50 Changes in 50 Years"; "50 Faces of Pitt-Greensburg"; "Share Your Pitt-Greensburg Memory"; "50th Anniversary Kickoff Celebration". File also contains: Brochure: "[Pitt-Greensburg's] Thoroughbred Horse Trip May 23-34, 2013."; newspaper story, "At 50, Pitt-Greensburg reflects on Milestones," by Shannon M. Nass, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 3/28/13 p.EZ-1, EZ-5; Program of Palace Theater performance of ELEANOR April 4-5, 2013; University Times (v. 46 #3, 9/26/13) article, Turning 50, Three Pitt regionals celebrate the past & contemplate the future." See also: issues of INTERCOM (RG50 Ser.: Serials. INTERCOM 2012/2013); RG52 and qRG52 Ser.: UPG Theater Dept: Productions Season 2012/13 ELEANOR.



1965 Greensburg Campus Development Fund, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Albert B. Smith, President, Univ. of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

1965 Greensburg Campus Development Fund.
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Development Fund Campaign. Final Report transmitted by
Jack Cunningham, Ketchum, Incorporated, Campaign Director, to Dr. Albert Smith, July 1, 1965,
President of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Includes: Campaign Director's Report; Report
of the Associate Director Publicity and Public Information; memorandum, "The Collection Plan"; memorandum,
"Suggested Follow-Up Program"; Campaign Timetable; Memorials Reserved; Statistic Section--Campaign
Report; Expense Summary; Campaign Organization. Additional documents include: Transmittals; Advance
Gifts--Latrobe; Corporations; Primary Gifts; Supporting Gifts; Foundations; Master Projects Assignments
Forms. Also contains miscellaneous materials: University of Pittsburgh press release of 10/10/62, "Pitt
to Establish College Campus at Greensburg" and press release of 10/31/62, "Pitt Names President of
New Greensburg Campus"; minutes of Advisory Board, Univ. of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 3/29/66 with
Acting Chancellor Kurtzman in attendance with following subjects, inter alia: announcement by Dr.
Kurtzman that Dr. Geise, for reasons of health, asked to be relieved of his duties as Vice Chancellor
for Regional Programs and that the regional campuses would be under Vice Chancellor Charles Peake
and that Richard Rose would continue to serve as Coordinator of Regional Campuses; discussion
of negotiations with the state about "state relatedness" for Pitt and the implications of "state
relatedness", e.g., on fund raising.

1965 Greensburg Campus Development Fund. Addendum.

Bulk covers period 1960's-1970's + two referring items from 1980's.

Includes: letters, press releases, memoranda

Subjects: contributions, grant received by UPG, recommended capital budgets, future building projects, interest payments, capital fund summaries, operations summaries (indebtedness)

1988 Building For The Future . George F. Chambers, President, University of

Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

2000-2007 Investing in Excellence. Dr. Frank Cassell, President, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.





The Flag of the United States of America.  This is to certify that the accompanying flag

[flag not deposited in the UPG Archives, faz, 12/17/99] was flown over the United States

Capitol on February 20, 1990 at the request of the Honorable John P. Murtha, Member of

Congress. This flag was flown for the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. George M. White, FAIA, 

Architect of the Capitol.

Certificate of Appreciation. This certificate is awarded to University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg for your
continued support of the American Red Cross. American Red Cross, Westmoreland County Chapter.
11-01-01. Donna Pacella, Executive Director. Ben Jones, Chapter Chairman.

Greensburg Salem Elementary Schools Certificate of Participation. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
has been awarded this certificate for participating in Read for Lifelong Learning and Lunch Buddies held at
Amos K. Hutchinson Elementary School. This certificate is awarded this 12th day of April, 2002. Mrs. Hricenak,
teacher. Mr. Mansfield, Principal.

Certificate of Appreciation. Awarded to University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Library in recognition of
participation in events celebrating the 250th Anniversary of General Braddock's 1753 March through Westmoreland
County. With your assistance, Westmoreland Heritage was able to increase awareness of and appreciation for this
important period in the early history of Westmoreland County. Thomas W. Headley, Executive Director, Westmoreland
Heritage. Dr. Frank A. Cassell, Chairman, Westmoreland Heritage.

[AWARD] "QUEST FOR THE BEST 2007" Gold Award presented to University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Category: College/University by the readers of the Tribune-Review, Trib Total Media.

[Certificate] "Above and Beyond" 2001 Leadership Firm Recognition, "In Recognition of Superior Performance in the Development of Leadership Giving Honoring Companies with Three or More Leadership Givers" Presented to University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg. United Way of Westmoreland County.


Pitt Greensburg Campus Telephone Directory

1988: February, April 8                       

1990: January

1991: Spring, Fall

1992: Spring, Fall

1993: Spring, Fall

1994: Spring, Fall

1995: Spring, Summer, Fall

1996: Spring, Summer, Fall

1997: Spring, Summer, Fall

1998: Spring, Summer, Fall

1999: Spring (99.2), Summer (99.3), Fall (00.1)

2000: Spring (00.2), Summer (00.3), Fall (01.1)

2001: Spring (01.2), Summer (01.3), Fall (02.1)

2002: Spring (02.2), Fall (03.1)

2003: Spring (03.2), Summer (03.3), Fall (04.1)
2004: Spring (04.2), Fall (05.1)
2005: [Spring] (05.2), Fall (06.1)
2006: Fall (2071)
2007: Fall (2081)

2008: Spring (2084), Fall (2091)

2009: Fall (2101)

2010: Fall (2111)

2011: Fall (2121)

2012: Fall (2131)
2013: Spring (2134)
2013: Fall (2141)
2014: none issued
2015: Spring 2015 (Revisted 2/16/15; 3/22/15)
2015: Revised 7/9/15, 9/24/15
2016: Revised 1/20/16
2017: Revised 2/1/17
2017: as of 4/7/2017
2017: as of 6/13/2017
2018: as of 1/12/2018
2018: as of 4/2/2018

Directory (Telephone/Addresses) Administration, Faculty, Staff

Includes name of employee, name of spouse, home address, campus address, 

home telephone, campus telephone, e-mail address.List does not include names 

of  temporary full-time and part-time employees.

1994, January
1995, Feb.
1996, Feb. 1

1996, December 4
1997, Oct. 20

1998, January, October

Faculty/Staff Directory. Fall, 1963. [Print copy from UPG Archives RG07 Registrar Ser.: Class Schedules [Microform Edition], Fall, 1963-1970-71.]


Faculty/Staff Directory [University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg] first issued in this  format for 1999-2000.Gives: Academic Calendar; Security and Emergency Procedures; Reserving Rooms; Key Facilities and Services with Hours; Athletic Dept. Personnel; Voice Mail System Guide; Mulberry Quick Start Guide; Profile and History of UPG; Map of Campus Facilities; Organization (University of Pittsburgh; UPG President’s Staff; UPG Faculty Division Chairperson; UPG Advisory Board, University Office and Department Listings; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Governance; Faculty and Staff Alphabetical Listings; Emeritus Faculty; Anti Discrimination Statement.




2006-2007 [last published in this form]

Succeeded in 2008 by Phone Directory [Directory of Faculty and Staff; Campus Directory]
n.b.: For current listing for UPG Administration, Academic Affairs (Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, UPG Advisory Board, See: http://www. [faz 5/20/14]

Phone Directory [Directory of Faculty and Staff; Campus Directory]

2008 [as of June 10, 2008]

2091 Campus Directory [as of November 14, 2008]


University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Faculty/Staff Handbook, 1993. [The UPG

Information Handbook for Faculty and Staff, 1993-1994.]



[Note: For text of policy statements, see RG38 STUDENT AFFAIRS, Ser.: STUDENT HANDBOOK.]

University of Pittsburgh:

Affirmative Action Policies: Notice to Students with Disabilities; Sexual Harassment, Anti-Harassment Policy, Nondiscrimination Policy Statement [Sept. 2006]

Alcohol Policy [changes 2010]

Anti-Harassment Policy Statement (Sept. 2001)
Assistance for Victims of Sexual Assault [1996]

Drug-Free Workplace, Drug-Free Schools Policy (Sept. 1993, Sept. 1994)

Guidelines for Ethical Practices in Research (May 1997)  

Extreme Weather Conditions, Policy on. 1995.
Fireside Lounge Policy. 12/04/06
Harassment and Nondiscrimination Policies. November 2004.
Involuntary Military Service Commitment, Procedures Upon. 2003.
Nondiscrimination Policy Statement (Sept. 2001)
Political Activity Locations & Regulations [Memo Rick A. Fogle 9/19/2016].
Raising Funds, New Policy Raises Requirements for [2007]
Script Pitt Logo, Authorized. [JBK memo 5/19/16]
Sexual Harassment Complaints. Prepared by the Sexual Harassment Task Force 1997. Reprinted 1999
Sexual Harassment Complaints. Prepared by the Sexual Harassment Task Force 1. Reprinted in 2004.
Sexual Harassment Policy (Sept. 2001)
Sexual Violence, Reporting Incidents of [Memo. dtd 2/20/15 SPS to University Community: Faculty, Staff, and Students.
Sidewalk Chalking (2008)
Smokeless Tobacco Policy 1995
Smoking Ban Policy [entranceways Powers Hall, Chambers Hall, and Smith Hall] 2007

Smoking Policy [UPG Campus Revised Policy effective beginning fall 2012 Term]
Smoking Policy [Tobacco and Vapor Products] [Clarification of policy. 2/10/15]
Social Media Protocol [UPG Campus Social Media Protocol] [2017]

Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Procedures (effective Sept. 1990)
Title IX: Reporting Proceedures and Resources [A Guide for Faculty and Staff Who Learn of Alleged Sexual Misconduct or Violence Involving a Student]. [201?]

Usage of University Vans
Use and Management of Social Security Numbers and University Primary ID ("UPI") Numbers 2005.
Use of University Name, Logo and Service Marks, Use of [JBK memo 4/26/16]
Weather Conditions, Extreme (undtd)
Wireless PittNet Access and Use, Pitt-Greensburg Acceptable, 2016. [Version published August 15, 2014, Revised January 5, 2016.]

The Pitt Promise: A Commitment to Civility.

See also RG02.4.1 Special Assistant to the President for Minority and Diversity Affairs. Ser.: Memoranda.


2001, Sept. 25
House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
[Cites the Westmoreland County Historical Society and the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg for initiating an annual Arthur St. Clair Lectureship in October; cites the Westmoreland County Historical Society for establishing the Arthur St. Clair Preservation Awards each October; cites the Westmoreland County Archaeological Society participation in the October “National Archaeology Month”; proclaims October 2001 to be commemorated as “Westmoreland Heritage Month”.] [Housed in Map Case. See q RG00 History. Proclamation.]

See also: RG02.4 Ser.: Publications. WE MADE NO SMALL PLANS: A MEMOIR by Dr. Frank A. Cassell. 2007.


See also: RG61 C.14, Audio Cassette of "Tour of Lynch Hall" by Dr. Albert Smith, Sept. 28, 1986; RG61 C.15, Audio Cassette of "Interview with Kathryn Lynch", August 1986; RG61 C.16, Audio Cassette of "Interview with Thomas Lynch", July 22, 1986; RG61 C.17, Audio Cassette of "Interview with John and Anne Kickler, July 22, 1986 [JK UPG Gardener and Chauffeur to the Lynch Family].

RG60 Video Cassette. VC I. Campus History (VC 1-3, 4a-4g, 5)
See also: RG02.4 Ser.: Publications. WE MADE NO SMALL PLANS: A MEMOIR by Dr. Frank A. Cassell.



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