UPG Presidents

Smith, Dr. Albert B., 1962 - 1980
Chambers, Dr. George Ferguson, 1980 - 1996
Scanlon, Dr. Norman W., Interim President, Dec. 1996 - Aug. 1997
Cassell, Dr. Frank A., Aug. 1997 - June 2007

Smith, Dr. Sharon P., July 2007 -




On Oct. 10, Chancellor Edward H. Litchfield announced the establishment of a University of Pittsburgh Campus at Greensburg at a dinner meeting at the Polo Club in Greensburg. The Greensburg Campus was to be the first of a series of regional campuses. Effective Nov. 15, Dr. Albert B. Smith was appointed president of the Greensburg Campus by Chancellor Litchfield. In December, the [Greensburg] Campus Development Committee formed by Chancellor Litchfield with Eric C. Summers of West Penn Power as the Chairman.


On Mar. 15, announcement was made that the new Greensburg Campus was to be located temporarily in the former city school administration building, later called the Vogel Building, at 122 North Maple Ave., Greensburg. There would be five classrooms, a small auditorium, a student lounge and administrative offices. Campus to occupy additional space in the Ramsay Building at 125 Main St. and would house a library and faculty offices.

In June 1963, Advisory Board of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg was formed by Chancellor Litchfield. Eric C. Summers appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board in Nov. 1963.

Dr. Carl Poke, first appointment, Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs, made by Dr. Smith.

On Sept. 3, campus began operating as a two-year institution with a first class of 56 full time day students and approximately 156 students in the part time evening program. First faculty members included: Dr. Paul A. Chew, part time lecturer in Art History; Joan Emtage, part time instructor in Biology; Claudio Giaconi, instructor in French; Charles A. Hall, full time instructor in Mathematics; Norman McWhinney, full time instructor in English; Alice P. Moore, full time instructor in History; Guy M. Nicoletti, full time instructor in Engineering and Spanish; Carl F. Poke, Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs and instructor in Political Science. In addition, there were 3 faculty from the Oakland Campus on a part time basis as well as 3 from the main campus serving part time in the evening program. The program offered the first two years of a liberal arts course or in pre-engineering. Mrs. Eileen Rathgeb was the first librarian.


June 29, the Charles McKenna Lynch Estate (104 acres), called "Starboard Light", at Mt. Pleasant Road, Hempfield Township, purchased as the permanent site of the Greensburg Campus. Estate consisted of a house with 31 rooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, bathhouse, gatehouse, and a formal garden.


Greensburg Campus Development Fund initiated with an overall goal of  $7,500,000 with region's share set at $1,500,000.


First varsity athletic team (Men's Basketball) fielded in 1969/70. First team basketball roster: Harry Bowser, Dave Chesser, Bernie Cobetto, Dan Cottrell, Steve Frick, Rich Hardway, John Jamison, Tom Jollie, Tom Kristan, Mike Noppe, Al Skrabski. Coach, John Hunter. Asst. Coach, August 'Gus' Corso. First game played away at Pitt-Titusville, Nov. 15, 1969. Pitt-Greensburg 87,  Pitt-Titusville 54. First home game with Penn State-McKeesport, Jan. 8, 1970. Pitt-Greensburg 71,  Penn State-McKeesport 66. Home games played at Greensburg Salem High School gymnasium. Record first season: 4 wins, 8 losses. First team of cheerleaders organized.


UPG Senate organized.


First four-year degree program, Management, implemented.


Construction began on a Multi Purpose Building to include a library and classrooms. Construction of Science Building, now Smith Hall, began and would hold science labs, classrooms, engineering center, auditorium, and lounge. First placed in use in 1976. Dedicated, May 17, 1977.

The University of Pittsburgh submits to the Dept. of Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, "A Proposal to Change the Program at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg from Lower-to-Upper Division". Sept. 1974.


Dedication on May 10 of the Multi Purpose Building as Powers Hall in honor of  Philip H. Powers, president of West Penn from 1947-1958, Assistant Chancellor, Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1960-61, and a charter member of the Greensburg Campus Advisory Board.

Four-year programs in Administration of Justice, Humanities, and Social Sciences areas of concentration implemented. Kenneth E. Bell Memorial Nature Trail dedicated on Oct. 26.


Campus centralized on former Lynch Estate site. Student Activities Center, now McKenna Hall, opened. First classes held at new campus site, the former Lynch Estate.


Science Building dedicated on May 17. Four-year programs in Political Science, English, and Psychology implemented.


On November 6, Dr. Albert B. Smith announced his retirement effective June 20, 1980.


Four year program in Information Science implemented.

Dr. Albert B. Smith retired as President of UPG on June 30. Science Building named for Dr. Albert B. Smith and called Smith Hall in Nov. 1980.

First students to complete their degree requirements at the UPG Campus which offered all the course work in seven programs. Degrees awarded through the Univ. of Pittsburgh College of General Studies.

The organizational meeting of the William Pitt Club held in July, 1980. In 1993 the William Pitt Club changed its name to the Pitt Greensburg Alumni Association (PGAA).

Dr. George Ferguson Chambers inaugurated as second president of UPG.


University Court, a three building complex of garden apartments which would house 120 students, purchased.

First Annual Humanities Day, organized by Dr. Colette Levin, attracted over 350 students from 11 area high schools, April 6.


University Court opened Aug. 29. Four-year programs in Applied Mathematics, Biology, and Natural Sciences areas of concentration implemented.

First Annual Fall Festival, sponsored by the Westmoreland Pitt Club, celebrated on Sept. 18.

Gary Gates appointed first full-time Director of Student Life.


Advisory Board prepared a "Statement of the UPG Advisory Board on the Future Development of the Greensburg Campus". UPG produces document, "University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Long Range Planning Policies 1985-1990. Phase I Planning Document. June 1984"[Includes: Statement of the UPG Advisory Board on the Future Development of the Greensburg Campus; The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, A Budget Analysis and Five Year Proposal Jan. 1983.]


New addition to Student Activities Center dedicated and to be converted in the future into a Computer Center.


Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award awarded to Dr. Diane Marsh, Prof. of Psychology.

"A Five-Year Development Program FY '88 to FY '92" formulated.

The Alumni Pavilion, designed by Ralph Wilps, presented to UPG by Pitt Alumni and dedicated Sept. 28, 1986.


Faculty Office Building opened.

In December, a $19 million capital fundraising campaign called "Building For the Future" initiated.

First Annual Science Day held May 5. 152 students from 8 high schools participated. Co-directors: Dr. Kerry W. Holzworth, Assoc. Prof. of Biology, and Dr. Mary Grace O'Donnell, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics.


In March, the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees voted to assign degree granting status to the UPG Campus. New status effective for the 1988/89 academic year.

UPG sponsors first annual campus Black History Month, February.

Entrance road to the lower campus named Vincent Finoli Road in honor of Vincent A. Finoli who served as chairman of UPG's Advisory Board from 1985 until his death in 1986. Finoli was a former president and chairman of the Joseph Horne Co.

Groundbreaking for a new UPG student center to house a gymnasium, squash and racquetball courts, running track, weight room, dining room, snack bar and lounge areas, student affairs offices, a health center, and bookstore.

25th Anniversary of UPG celebrated with a dinner at the Greensburg-Sheraton on Friday, Sept. 23.

Groundbreaking ceremony for a $2.5 million residence hall, now Robertshaw Hall. Johnson-Schmidt Assoc. of Pgh., architect; Dill Construction Co., Latrobe, general contractor. In December, construction of athletic fields on a nine-acre site to be used for football, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse; construction underwritten by the Ridilla Family of Latrobe at a value of $400,000.


In August, a 40,000 sq. ft. full service Student Activities Center, now Chambers Hall, opened. Cost, $5.25 million. Bookstore and all student services moved from the old Student Activities Center, now McKenna Hall, to new Student Activities Center, now Chambers Hall.

Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award awarded to Dr. Nancy Estrada, Asst. Prof. of Hispanic Languages and Literature.

On April 23, UPG conducts its first graduation ceremony at the Sheraton Inn in Greensburg. Dr. Robert C. Wilburn, Pres. of The Carnegie and former Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of PA, commencement speaker. Michelle Higginson delivered the valedictorian address.

In August, the new residence hall of 22,000 sq. ft., costing $2.5 million, dedicated to the memories of John A. and Emma R. Robertshaw and to their family. Robertshaw was one of the original members of the UPG Advisory Board in the 1960s.

UPG Computer Center, now McKenna Hall, moves into the former Student Activity Center, which had been converted into rooms for the mainframe, a laboratory area, a general classroom, and a personal computer classroom. In August, UPG Computing Center dedicated and named McKenna Hall in recognition of the family's generous support of the campus through various foundations over a period of many years.

In October, the outdoor athletic complex dedicated and named Ridilla Field. Ridilla family had underwritten the construction costs of the complex. John Ridilla was president of Dill Construction Co., Latrobe.


Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award awarded to Dr. Thad P. Zaleskiewicz, Prof. of Physics.

On April 28, first graduation ceremony on campus. Ceremony in the new Student Activity Center, now Chambers Hall. Dr. Richard Rose, President of Rochester Institute of Technology, commencement speaker. Dr. Rose had been responsible for overseeing the creation of three of Pitt's regional campuses, including UPG, when he served as assistant vice chancellor of the University during the 1960s. John M. Ranker, valedictorian.

In October, the architectural firm of Hayes, Large, Suckling, Fruth, and Wedge, later changed name to Hayes Large Architects, was selected to design a new library/administrative building at UPG. 52,000 sq. ft. structure to be named in memory of Fanny Millstein and was built with a major contribution from the Millstein Foundation.

Document, "Self-Appraisal: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg", completed in December 1990. [Includes: I. History, Mission, and Goals; II. External Opportunities and Constraints; III. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses; IV. Aspiration for the Future. Appendix I, UPG Fall Term Enrollment, FY '71-FY '90; Appendix II, UPG Physical Plant Projects Completed, FY '88-FY '90, UPG Physical Plant Projects Completed, FY '91-FY '94.]


Graduation, April 27. Commencement address by John C. Marous, Chairman,University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees, retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Valedictory address, Dashia M. Galamb.


Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. Judith Vollmer, Assoc. Prof. of English and Writing Program Director.

Graduation, April 25. Commencement address, The Honorable Allen G. Kukovich, PA House of Representatives, 56th Legislative District. Valedictory Address, Melissa L. Wingert.

Student Government Association donated funds for the construction of the Flag Plaza.


Graduation, May 1. Commencement address, Elsie Hilliard Hillman, Republican National Committee Member from Pennsylvania. Valedictory address, Nancy O.Young.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. Initiated in 1992 with first awards in 1993. 1993 Awardees: Dr. Mark McColloch, Teaching; Judith Zimmerman, Professional Development; Mary Grace O'Donnell, Service.

On Oct. 15, groundbreaking took place for a new library. The new building of 52,000 sq. ft., an $8 million project, to have a capacity to house 130,000 volumes and, in addition, will house a state-of-the-art long distance learning center, audio visual services, a computer lab, a listening room, and reading, study and conference rooms. Administrative office to be located on the first floor wing will deal directly with students: Registrar, Admissions and Financial Aid, and Student Accounts. Hays Large Architects of Altoona designed the building; Walter Mucci Construction Co., Inc, of Perryopolis, general contractor.

Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Mark McColloch, Assoc. Prof. of History.

Graduation, April 30. Commencement address, Dr. Mark A. Nordenberg, Interim Provost, University of Pittsburgh. Valedictory address, Sidney L. Williams.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 1994 Awardees: Richard Blevins, Teaching; Diane Marsh, Professional Development; Ruth Kuschmierz, Service.

Formal dedication of the Ronnie Andrews Fitness Center, Oct. 19. Named in honor of Mr. Andrews at the request of his uncle, Larry Rehanek, a retired Mt. Pleasant pharmacist and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.


Graduation, Apr. 29. Commencement address, Michael H. Herschock, President and CEO, PA Higher Education Assistance Agency. Valedictory address, Brenda M. Doerzbacher.

Millstein Library (Fanny K. Millstein Library) dedicated May 5. Ferguson Carillon (The Edith Ferguson Chambers Carillon), located in Millstein Library, dedicated Sept. 8. Joan Chambers Children's Collection (Millstein Library)dedicated Sept. 8.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 1995 Awardees: Lillian Beeson, Teaching; Alicia Covarrubias, Professional Development; Mary Beth Spore, Service.

Student Government Association donates funds for installation of a campus clock. Campus Clock dedicated Oct. 15.

Construction began on an addition to McKenna Hall with a grant of $50,000 from the Kennametal Foundation for its expansion.

A "Long Range Plan for the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg" developed; "A Self Study for the Evaluation of Academic Programs at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg" developed Oct. 1995.

Construction begun on a new 106-bed dormitory, later called College Hall, Nov. Cost, $3,432,000. Designed by KWL of Greensburg, PA.

Reactivation of the UPG men's basketball program after a 21-year hiatus with Matt Furjanic as head coach, Fall 1995. Team to compete in the Western  Pennsylvania Conference which includes the Commonwealth Campus of Penn State and the community colleges of Western PA.


Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Anthony Boldurian,Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology.

Graduation, April 27. Commencement address, James V. Maher, Provost, University of Pittsburgh. Valedictory address, Shannon E. Harrah.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 1996 Awardees: Anthony Boldurian, Teaching; Rakesh Bhatnagar, Professional Development; Service (no award).

20-acre parcel of land known as the Rial property purchased, August. Four new intercollegiate athletic programs inaugurated: Men's Baseball; Men's Golf; Women's Basketball; Women's Volleyball.

Dr. George Ferguson Chambers retires as second president of UPG, Dec. 1996. Dr. Norman W. Scanlon appointed Interim President and serves from Dec. 1996 until Aug. 1997.


Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, Dr. Lillian Beeson, Assoc. Prof. of Communication.

Graduation, April 26. Commencement address, J.W. Connelly, Chairman, University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees, retired Director and Senior Vice President, H. J. Heinz Co. Address by 1997 Class Representative, Jason P. Congaware.

Dr. Frank A. Cassell begins incumbency as the third president of UPG, August, 1997, with installation, March 25, 1998.

First annual Children's Literature Conference, May 2. Author, Louis Sachar, featured.

Francis L. Tosatto Plaza and Tosatto Drive dedicated, June 22.

Long-range development plan, "Investing in Excellence", submitted to Provost James Maher, accepted by Provost Maher and implemented with the Fall Term 1997/98 academic year.

President Cassell presents a thirteen point campus annual agenda to the Campus and creates the President's Cabinet and Academic Council.

McKenna Hall Computing Center officially reopened on Sept. 19 after having undergone extensive renovation and expansion and houses the telecommunications center, three new computer classrooms and an expanded walk-in computer laboratory.

First Freshman Convocation, Aug. 23.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 1997 Awardees: Joanne Viano, Teaching; Professional Development (no award);Kerry Holzworth, Service.

UPG Cultural Series established, February. Inaugural event, Oct. 7, featured Joyce Carol Oates. Second event, Nov. 12, featured playwright, poet, Michael Weaver.

Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference, an NCAA Division III conference, formed. UPG charter member.

Common Facilities Building (Student Center) named Chambers Hall in honor of Dr. George F. Chambers, second president of UPG.

Women's intercollegiate athletic tennis program inaugurated.


Dr. Frank A. Cassell installed as third president of UPG, March 25.

Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award for Staff Employees 1998 recipient, Carol Ann Brosier Calloway.

Graduation, April 25. Commencement address,William E. Strickland, Jr., Executive Director, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, President and CEO, Bidwell Training Center. Address by 1998 Class Representative, Bruce M. Amber. UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service Award first awarded in 1998. Awardee, John A. Robertshaw, Jr.

Second annual Children's Literature Conference, May 1. Feature speakers: Paul Zindel, writer; Erin McGonigle Brammer, a freelance illustrator of children's books; Mark Harshman, popular storyteller.

Men's Golf team wins its first Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference, NCAA Division III, conference title, April.

Freshman Convocation, Aug. 27.

Grand opening of Outdoor Recreational Area (Volleyball court; Basketball court), Aug. 31.

Second annual UPG Cultural Series. Featured: Scott Turow, attorney and novelist.

Ferguson Theater dedication, Nov. 13.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 1998 Awardees: Sayre Greenfield, Teaching; Frank McGlynn, Professional Development; Patricia M. Duck, Service.

Groundbreaking, Phase I, Student Residence Project, later called Humanities Academic Village, Nov. 16.

Men's intercollegiate soccer program inaugurated.

Former residence of Mary Lynch Quinn, a 1.5-acre property and structures, purchased. Called Quinn House, then Terra House, and later, Rossetti House for International Studies. Construction began on Security Information Center. Completed in Sept. 1999 and designated Safety and Security Center.

The "ResCom" project initiated with a grant of $381,000 from the Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation and an additional pledge of $20,000 from Allegheny Power to provide personal computers wired to ports in each room of UPG's five residence halls.

Articulation Agreement between Westmoreland County Community College and the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg facilitating the transfer of students from one institution to the other signed in August.

In September President Cassell announces the reorganization of the UPG Foundation with Mr. Jack A. Robertshaw, Jr. as the President.

The BLUE AND GOLD, a monthly newsletter about UPG, begins publication in September.

President's Award for Excellence (for significant contributions to the campus demonstrated by a record of exemplary achievement during the past year) awarded to 24 faculty and staff. Faculty awardees: Vickilyn Barnot, Richard Blevins, Anthony Boldurian, Alicia Covarrubias, Nancy Estrada, Sayre Greenfield, Michael Lucci, Diane Marsh, Mark McColloch, Stephen Murabito, Mary Beth Spore, Judith Vollmer. Staff awardees: Karen Antoniak, Joyce Bucchi, Charlene Cerutti, Nancy Evans, Virginia Kemerer, Patricia LaMantia, William Martin, Richard Naccarato, Joseph Olczak, John R. Sparks, Allen Tedrow, and Charles Westbrooks. Sept. 29, 1998.


First UPG Honors Convocation, Mar. 3.

Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, Dr. Richard Blevins, Assoc. Prof. of English.

First Women's History Month celebrated, Mar. 1999.

Graduation, May 1. Commencement address, James C. Roddey, Pittsburgh businessman, civic leader, and university trustee. Address by 1999 Class Representative, Renee M. Porada.

Third annual Children's Literature Conference, May 7. Featured: Lois Lowry, two-time Newbery Medal winner.

Freshman Convocation, Aug. 26.

Stained glass window of UPG Seal installed in Chambers Hall in Aug. Made by UPG graduate Terry Bengel with glass created and donated by Youghiogheny Opalescent Co., Connellsville, PA.

Terra House renovated and named Rossetti House for International Studies in Aug. 1999 and dedicated Nov. 15 in memory of Dr. Guy Rossetti who served for 29 years as Professor of Hispanic Languages and Literature and later as Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

UPG adopts the General Education Program. Program designed "to provide students with fundamental skills necessary for academic success and learning throughout [students'] lifetimes" Two broad sets of requirements..." 1) competencies in fundamental skills; 2) acquaintance with areas of knowledge to mold student understanding of the world and their place in it".

UPG Staff Association organized. First officers Michelle Tracey, President; Tanya Conde, Vice President; Karen Mays, Secretary; Suzanne Dominick, Treasurer.

First UPG Homecoming Weekend, Sept. 24-26, 1999. Homecoming King, Sal Molitierno; Homecoming Queen, Brandy Valentine.

Humanities Academic Village (Residence Halls: Apollo House, Athena House, Selene House) dedication, Oct. 13.

Two women's intercollegiate athletic programs inaugurated: Women's Soccer and Women's Softball.

Men's Golf team wins AMCC (Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference) golf championship.

Men's Basketball team wins AMCC (Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference) championship.

UPG Cultural Series, Sept. 24, 25, 26. The Second Mrs. Demyan an original play by K.C. Constantine.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 1999 Awardees: Donald Reilly, Teaching; Professional Development (no award); Colette Levin, Service.


Juan Segura of University of Guanajuato, Mexico, the first Visiting Fullbright Scholar to teach at UPG, offered classes in the government and politics of Latin America and Mexico during the Spring term.

Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, Prof. Joanne J. Viano, Asst. Professor of French.

Second UPG Honors Convocation, March 1.

3 new chapters of national honor societies formed at UPG: Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honor Society); Alpha Phi Omega (Service Honorary Society); Pi Gamma Mu (Social Science Honorary Society).

Annual Spring Break at UPG found nearly 50 students and faculty going to Mexico, England and Trinidad as part of the University's ongoing effort to expand student opportunities for international learning.

Graduation, April 29. Commencement address, Jay S. Pifer, President, Allegheny Power. Address by 2000 Class Representative, Romy D. Shinn. UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Robert B. Van Atta; Norman Scanlon.

Fourth annual Children's Literature Conference, May 12. Featured speaker, Jerry Spinelli, Newbery Medalist.

UPG won the Heart Cup by raising the most contributions ($2,500) for 2000 Westmoreland Heart Walk (Westmoreland American Heart Association).

Groundbreaking for the Behavioral Sciences Academic Village, July 17.

Natural Sciences and New Technologies Academic Village launched. Housing for residential students and faculty provided on a dedicated floor of College Hall.

Agreement between UPG and the Univ. of Guanajuato, Mexico provides for exchange of students between the two schools and to begin Jan 2001.

Parking lot constructed in the area next to University Court.

Freshman Convocation, Aug. 24.

UPG Homecoming, Sept. 22-24. Homecoming King, Jason Wagoner; Homecoming Queen, Beth Marr.

St. Clair Lectureship established jointly by UPG and Westmoreland Co. Historical Society. First lecture, Oct. 19, 2000. Dr. Eric A, Hinderaker, Assoc. Prof. of History, Univ. of Utah, "Westmoreland Co., and the Struggle for Empire in the Ohio Country".

Campus entrance way constructed. Project made possible by contributions in 1999 from the Advisory Board and the Student Government Association. A lighted fountain with a 30-40 ft. plume constructed at the entrance to the campus. Gift from the UPG Advisory Board.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 2000 Awardees: Walter Orange, Teaching; Stephen Murabito, Professional Development (no award); Lillian Beeson, Service.

UPG President's Award for Staff Excellence, Helen Connors.

Men's Basketball team won second consecutive AMCC (Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference, NCAA Div. III) basketball championship.

Men's Golf team won fourth consecutive AMC (American Mideast Conference)golf championship. Also won fourth consecutive AMCC (Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference) championship and won the AMCC golf championship every year since it has been awarded.

UPG Cultural Series, Oct. 5. David Halberstam, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author and historian.

A $12.6 million Capital Campaign, 2000, "Investing in Excellence", announced.


First group of UPG students to participate in an annual student and faculty exchange with the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, left in January for the spring semester in the Mexican city of the same name. In this exchange program for the Spring Term 2001 (2002-2), Dr. Estela Llinas, UPG Assoc. Prof. of Engineering/Mathematics, was a visiting professor at FIMEE (Facultad de Ingeniera Mecanica, Electra y Electronica, Universidad Guanajuato) and at CIMAT (Centro de Investigacion de Matematica, Universidad de Guanajuato).

Groundbreaking (January) and construction for the Natural Sciences and New Technologies Academic Village Hall begins. The Village Hall later dedicated and named "The Lyceum".

Third UPG Honors Convocation, March 21.

UPG won, for the second year in a row, the Heart Cup by generating the highest contributions ($5,420), for the Westmoreland Heart Association.

Graduation, April 28. Commencement address, Martha Hartle Munsch, Partner, Reed Smith LLP, member of the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees. Address by the 2001 Class Representative, Brent Ross. UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Rev. Dr. Kenneth P. Rutter.

Fifth Annual Children's Literature Conference, May 4. Featured speaker, Newbery Medal winning children's author, Russell Freedman.

Construction of the Behavioral Sciences Academic Village (Residence Halls Margaret Mead House; Benjamin Franklin House; Thurgood Marshall House) completed.

As an integral part of the Freshman Seminar, all students required to complete 3 community service hours. Three active UPG service organizations: Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Circle K, and Rotoract Club.

First Convocation on the State of the Campus, Sept. 14.

UPG memorial service for the victims of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center Towers, Sept. 17, 2001.

UPG Homecoming, Sept. 29. Homecoming King, Jamal Woodson; Homecoming Queen, Andrea Doner.

Second annual St. Clair Lectureship. Dr. Colin Gordon Calloway, Chair, Dept. of Native American Studies, Dartmouth College, "The Role of the Native American at the Time of the Revolution in the West," October 18.

UPG Cultural Series, Oct. 25, Robert Krulwich, Network Correspondent for ABC News.

Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award for Staff Employees. 2001/2002 recipient, Janet (Dolly) Biskup, November.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 2001 Awardees: Larry J. Whatule, Teaching; Nancy B. Florez Estrada, Professional Development; Guy M. Nicoletti, Service.

UPG President's Award for Staff Excellence, Dolly Biskup.

Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland County, a private community-land use advocacy group that deals with growth and quality of life issues formed with the organization based at UPG. Alexander J. Graziani, AICP, appointed first executive director.

The Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation's gift of $1 million enables the modernizing of the biology, chemistry and physics laboratories.

Two intercollegiate athletic programs initiated: Women's Golf; Men's Tennis.

Tea House and surrounding gardens constructed. Made possible, in part, by the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association and the UPG Staff Organization.


La Cultura, the Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci. Reception and dinner, Jan 19. First DA Vinci Scholars named, Jan 19; Dunsanee Buranathanit; Erin O'Donovan; Janice Roskey; Sarah Tylka; Tera Yingling.

In April President Cassell announced that $3.5 million was raised as part of the fundraising campaign.

UPG hosted March of Dimes Walk, a "College Walk", to raise money to help with medical expenses for premature babies. April 2002.

Fourth UPG Honors Convocation, April 5.

UPG President's Award for Staff Excellence, Joyce Bucchi; UPG Presidential Citation for Distinguished Service, Bryan M. Valentine.

Graduation, Apr. 27. Commencement address, Congresswoman Melissa Hart, Rep., PA 4 Congressional District. Address by 2002 Class Representative, Gregory Harold. UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Jack H. Millstein, Jr.

UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards. 2002 Awardees: Timothy Savisky, Teaching; Mary Beth Spore, Professional Development; Tom Wolf, Service.

6th Annual Children's Literature Conference, May 3. Featured speaker, Steven Kellogg, storyteller and illustrator.

Dr. Frank A. Cassell, UPG President, named to the President's Leadership Group of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, a national U.S. Dept. of Education funded program to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among college students.

Ronald A. Magnuson replaced Mr. Jack H. Millstein, Jr. as chairman of the UPG Advisory Board.

UPG and St. Vincent College signed an agreement that allows qualified UPG students to earn baccalaureate degrees in English or the social sciences at UPG and a secondary certificate in English/Citizenship at St. Vincent College.

UPG began offering a new day or evening four-year bachelor's degree program in Management Information Systems (MIS).

UPG received a $500,000 grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation for use in integrating technology to the curriculum.

UPG founding member of Westmoreland Heritage, a county-wide organization dedicated to raising public appreciation of the rich historical assets of Westmoreland Co. and encouraging historical tourism. Other founding members: County Historical Society, Southwest Bank, the Tribune Review, and the Greensburg/Hempfield Library.

The AMCC (Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference) sanctioned as a full NCAA Div. III Conference member. UPG accepted as an active member of NCAA Div. III Conference.

Men's and Women's Cross Country teams formed with first season in Fall 2002. Joyce Brobeck appointed head coach.

In August Provost James Maher accepts UPG's revised strategic plan, "Investing in Excellence II".

Two parking lots constructed: an addition to the Smith Hall parking lot and expansion of the Lynch Hall parking lot.

UPG opens Fall Semester, 2002 with 1745 students, the largest enrollment in its history. The freshmen set new records in terms of academic excellence.

Freshman Convocation, Aug. 22.

Second Convocation on the State of the Campus, Sept. 6.

First anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers noted by: a National Moment of Silence at 8:46 a.m.; a memorial event in front of Chambers Hall at 12 noon; at 7 p.m. in Powers Hall Auditorium a panel discussion by six area reporters who discussed the role of the US media following the attack.

UPG received full membership in NCAA Division III.

Installation of Traffic Light at the main Mt. Pleasant Rd. entrance to the UPG campus.

Third annual St. Clair lectureship. Dr. John Majewski, Associate Prof. of History, University of California Santa Barbara, "Thomas Jefferson's Economic Revolution from Below", Oct. 17, 2002.

UPG petition to start a chapter of the senior honors society Phi Kappa Phi approved. October, 2002.

2002 Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, Dr. Mary Beth Spore, Assistant Prof. of English; Dr. Walter Orange, Assistant Prof. of Mathematics.

Men's soccer team claimed its first ever Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference championship with a 2-1 overtime victory over Penn State-Behrend. November 8, 2002.

Mr. Thomas Headley appointed to the post of Executive Director of Westmoreland Heritage. December 2002.

John Beatty, head coach of the women's soccer team, in his first season earned Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference "Co-Coach of the Year" honors. December 2002.

Dr. Frank A. Cassell, UPG President, was recognized by PENNSYLVANIA BUSINESS CENTRAL newspaper as one of the top 100 individuals who have made an impact on the community in 2002. December 2002.


La Culture 2003 A Paris. Reception and dinner, Jan. 18, 2003 with proceeds benefiting the Guy Rossetti International Study Fund. Lecture series, "Paris in the Late 19th Century: Impressionism, Urbanism and the Birth of the Modern": Jan. 23, Dr. Bradford Collins, University of South Carolina, "Manet, Impressionism and the Painting of Modern Life"; Jan. 27, Dr. Rosemary Lloyd, Indiana University; "Bathing in the Multitude: Paris in the Writings of Baudelaire and Mallarme"; Jan. 30, Dr. Edward Muller, University of Pittsburgh, "Paris and the Shape of the Modern City".

UPG celebrates Black History Month, February, 2003. Highlights: speaker/performer Tim Lucas recreated the historic "I Have a Dream" speech of Dr. Martin Luther King; ninth annual essay contest for area elementary, middle school and high school students co-sponsored with the Greensburg/Jeannette Branch, NAACP; the Latin American Cultural Union performed "African Legacy in Latin American Culture"; a film by Spike Lee; and a performance of Javon Johnson's play, "Cryin' Shame" by the Kuntu Repertory Theater of Pittsburgh.

UPG Dance Team wins the United Championship Performing Association (UPA) AmeriCup National Championship, February.

March 1 UPG Women's Basketball Team crowned AMCC Champs after a 65-51 overtime win over Penn State-Behrend. The team went on to play and win its first NCAA Division III tournament game by beating the Mt. St. Mary Blue Knights (Newburgh, N. Y.) 62-54. Lost in the second round of NCAA playoffs to King's College Lady Monarchs in Wilkes-Barre 82-64.

2003 UPG Da Vinci Scholarship winners announced: Martina Stasko, Jana Funk, Heather Weirich.

Installation of the UPG Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Society, national senior honor society and the nation's oldest, largest and most selective academic honor society that recognizes and promotes academic excellence in all fields of higher education. Mar. 16.

2003 UPG Distinguished Teaching, Professional Development, and Service Awards: Dr. Martha Koehler, Distinguished Teaching Award; Barbara Barnhart, Distinguished Service Award.

2003 UPG President's Award for Staff Excellence: Joe A. Olczak.

2003 UPG Presidential Citation for Distinguished Service: Dr. William Rued; Elizabeth Tiedemann.

Dr. Frank A. Cassell, UPG President, named chairman of the Westmoreland County Historical Society Board of Directors.

Fifth Honors Convocation. Mar. 28.

UPG celebrates Women's History Month. March

UPG Student Government Assoc. conducted a March of Dimes Walk, Apr. 5.

Phi Kappa Phi, the nations's oldest all-discipline honors society, established a chapter at UPG. 85 graduates, administrators, faculty, staff and students inducted at a combination installation and initiation ceremony. April 2003.

Dr. Diane T. Marsh, Prof. of Psychology, awarded an American Psychological Association fellowship to work on national mental health care policy. She will spend one year working as a special assistant on the staff of a member of Congress or congressional committee. April 2003.

Graduation, April 26. Commencement address, George L. Miles, President & CEO WQED Multimedia. Class representative, Sarah A. Beck. UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service, David S. Dahlman, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Advisory Board, as Chairman of the Budget and Physical Plant Committee since 1999, and Director and Treasurer of the UPG foundation. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards: 2003 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award, Rob Ritson; 2003 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. David A. Nichols; 2003 PGAA Volunteerism Service Award, Melissa Brandt. Mitchell Paterline, Senior of the Year.

Seventh Annual Children's Literature Conference. May 2, 2003. Featured speakers: noted children's author-illustration team of Betsy and Giulio Maestro; poet/author Norma Fox Mazer.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Sposato, Assoc. Prof. of Music, awarded a $30,000 American Council of Learned Societies, Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship for Junior Faculty.

UPG hosted The Cave Canem Summer Workshop/Retreat June 22-29, 2003. The 2003 retreat included 52 fellows and 6 faculty members and is a part of an effort to build a community of black poets and to foster their careers.

Six full-time faculty hired to begin with start of classes, Aug. 25: Chemistry, Ms. Terri Menz; English, Dr. Kelli E. Maloy; Management, Dr. Christopher Marquette; Mathematics, Dr. Ryad Ghanam; Political Science, Dr. Beverly Gaddy; Psychology, Dr. Jason Uslaner.

Freshman Convocation, Aug. 21, 2003.

Opening program celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.  Sept. 11.

UPG was the site of the 24th annual meeting of the East Central American Society for 18th Century Studies.  Theme, "Nature and Artistry."  Organizer: Dr. Sayre N. Greenfield, Assistant Prof. of English at UPG.  Oct. 2-4.

Dr. Frank A. Cassell, UPG President and chairman of the Westmoreland County Historical Society, received a lifetime achievement award from the Westmoreland County Historical Society at its Arthur St. Clair Historic Preservation ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Fourth annual St. Clair Lectureship.  Dr. Kenneth Warren, Emeritus Fellow of Christ College, Oxford University.  Title of lecture, "A Keystone of America's Industrial Greatness: the Coke Industry of the Connellsville Area.  Oct. 16, 2003.

UPG 40th Anniversary Celebration:  The 60s: 1963-1973.  A look at the 60s through the eyes of those who were there:  Dr. Donald E. Gibson, UPG Prof. of Sociology, "Political and Historical Summary"; Dr. Estela S. Llinas, UPG Assoc. Prof. of Engineering/Mathematics, "Personal Observations on Women in Academe and the Berkeley Protests"; Dr. Carl F. Poke, UPG Prof. of Political Science, "UPG in the 60s"; Todd Brown, CMU School of Drama Staff, The Science of the 60s"; Dr. Richard L. Blevins, UPG Assoc. Prof. of English, "Poetry of the 60s."  Wednesday, Nov. 19.

Parris Carter received the President's Award for Staff Excellence.  Awarded December 2003.


La Cultura 2004.  Noche Espanola.  Spain.  Origins, Treasures, and Legacies of the Golden Age.  Third annual fundraising event benefitting the Guy Rossetti International Study Fund.  Reception  and dinner, Jan. 17, 2004.  Lecture series on the theme of 16th century Spain: Jan. 20, Dr. Franklin Toker, Prof. of History of Arts, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Velazquez' "Las Meninas: A Captivating Image and Its Cruelty";  Jan. 22, Dr. Joseph Guilmartin, Prof. of History at Ohio State Univ., "The Battle of Lepanto: How Spanish Naval Technology Changed the Course of Empires"; Jan. 29, Dr. John Beverley, Prof. and Chair, Dept. of Hispanic Literature, Univ. of Pittsburgh, "Don Quixote and Us: Reflections on Empire Past and Present."

Da Vinci Scholars for 2003/2004 selected: Kellen Walsh, Kristin Verenna, Carrie Gettings, Sarah Butler, Trent Balius.

40th Anniversary Men's, Women's Basketball Game.  UPG vs. UPBradford.  UPG Men, 86, UPBradford, Men 72; UPG Women,, 71, UPBradford Women, 54.  Winners awarded the Rose Trophy named for Dr. Merle Richard Rose, a key figure in the creation of the regional campuses.  This game marked the beginning of an annual competition between the campuses for the Rose Trophy.  The Rose Trophy was created by Reid Crosby, Greensburg artist.  January 31, 2004.

Coffeehouse, later named "The Exchange", in Village Hall opened.  Jan. 2004.

UPG Celebrates Black History Month, March 2004.  Highlights: Feb. 4, Andrew Stockey, Pgh. television sports anchor spoke on "African Americans in the Communications Media"; Feb. 10, Sidney Williams, UPG alumnus and former University of Dayton Law School Administrator, presented "Realizing the Dream"; Feb. 17, Kuntu Repertory Company performed THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS PLUS ONE, a musical drama on the 9th and 10th Cavalry; 10th annual essay contest for area elementary, middle school and high school students, co-sponsored by the UPG Minority Student Coalition and the Greensburg-Jeannette Branch of the NAACP.

Stephen Murabito, Assoc. Prof. of English, awarded the prestigious Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award.

UPG Celebrates Women's History Month, March 2004.  Susan Nelson, UPG's 2001 Alumna of Distinction and a senior vice president, trust officer, and southwest regional manager for First Commonwealth Co. spoke on "UPG: Foundation for Success", Mar. 4.  Barbara Barnhart, UPG lab instructor in the Natural Sciences, conducted a Power Point presentation on a number of female scientists from various fields whom she felt played crucial roles in advancing human knowledge.  Mar. 23.

Honors Convocation.  Mar. 26, 2004 [6th].

Annie Sral selected as an Honorable Mention All-American by Women's DIII News, the monthly newsletter of NCAA Div. III.  First student athlete ever at UPG to be recognized with such an honor.  Apr. 2004

Performance by CAPITOL STEPS, a political satire group, as part of the UPG 40th anniversary celebration.  April 1, 2004.  Benefitted the UPG President's Scholarship Fund.

Graduation, April 24.  Commencement address by U.S. Congressman, Tim Murphy, R.-18th Cong. District, Pa.  Class Representative, Kara J. Davis.  UPG President's Medal of Distinguished Service, Dr. Carl F. Poke, UPG Prof. of Political Science, who served for 40 years in various capacities including Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs and Director of Admissions and Student Aid.  UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service, William A. Roach, Emeritus Member, UPG Advisory Board and architect who was instrumental in campus development planning.  Univ. of Pgh. at Greensburg Alumni Assoc. Awards: 2004 PGAA Alumni of Distinction Award, John M. Felice, president of Felice Assoc., a consulting firm specializing in labor and related employment matters.  2004 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Sayre Greenfield, UPG Assoc. Prof. of English.  2004 PGAA Volunterism Service Award, Melissa Quirk, sophomore management major.  250 Baccalaureate candidates.  April 24, 2004 Graduation officially closed the UPG 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Eighth Annual Children's Literature Conference.  May 7, 2004.  Featured speakers: Laurie Halse Anderson and Kay Winters, children's authors and Local Artist/Educator, Paula Purnell.

Construction of the Natural Sciences and New Technologies Academic Village student residence facility begun.  Completion of the $4.2 million project scheduled for July 15, 2005.  May 2004.

Chambers Hall Expansion 2004 project begun.  To include: new gymnasium roof, new gymnasium floor, and expansion of the dining hall.  Completion of the $3.8 million addition scheduled for July 2005.  May 2004.

UPG hosted the Cave Canem Summer Workshop/Retreat, June 18-26.  2004 is the second year the event was held on campus and is a part of an effort to build a community of black poets and to foster their careers.

Plaque, tree and bench dedication ceremony in memory of former staff member, Dorothy Weir.  Lynch Hall courtyard, June 25, 2004.

Stairs to upper parking lot above the Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Academic Villages constructed.  July, 2004.

Installation of Terry Bengel's stained glass mural, "Upward to the Light", in tower of Millstein Library.  July 30-Aug. 1, 2004.

Freshman Convocation, Aug. 26, 2004.

Dedication ceremony for a flagpole, a project of the UPG Staff Association, installed on the north side of the athletic fields.  Sept. 1, 2004.

New scoreboards installed at the soccer and baseball fields.  Summer, 2004.

Six full-time faculty members hired: Jeffrey P. Rouse, Art History, visiting instructor; Dr. Matthew R. Luderer, Chemistry, assistant professor; Christine A. Menna, Communications, visiting professor; Dr. Elisa E. Beshero-Bondar, English, assistant professor; Roger Taylor, Psychology, visiting professor; Tavia LaFollette, visiting instructor.  Aug. 2004.

Fifth annual St. Clair Lecture.  Dr. Matthew C. Ward, professor at the University of Dundee, Scotland, delivered a lecture entitled "From 'Peaceable Kingdom' to 'Lawless and Cruel Proceedings': The Seven Years' War and the Transformation of the Western Pennsylvania Frontier." Oct. 13, 2004.

Da Vinci  scholars for 2004/2005 selected: Sara L. Liberta, Paul A. Key, Carrie L. Smith.  December 2004.

Quiet phase of fundraising campaign, "Investing in Excellence" Phase II initiated. November 2004

John Ridilla Leadership Scholarship awarded by the Student Government Assoc. to Carrie L. Smith with Nicole Tony awarded the Truex Study Abroad award.  December 2004.

Thomas D. Horan, Director of Safety and Security, awarded the 2004/2005 President's Award for Staff Excellence.  December 2004.


La Cultura 2005.  Victorian England.  Fourth annual fundraising event benefitting the Guy Rossetti International Study Fund.  Reception and dinner, Jan. 15, 2005.  Lecture series on Victorian England: Jan. 19, Dr. Jeffrey Auerbach, California State University, Northridge, "Imperial Boredom"; Feb. 17, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, University of Pittsburgh, "Darwin Almost Got It: The role of the Environment in Provoking Evolutionary Change"; Mar. 2, Dr. Sally Mitchell, Temple University, "Expectations and Experience; or, How Fiction Misleads Us."

UPG celebrates Black History Month.  Feb., 2005.  Highlights: Feb. 10, WTAE-TV sports anchor Andrew Stockey discussed minorities in the media and Pittsburgh sports; Black History Poster Month, Millstein Library; Feb. 15, Kuntu Repertory Theatre presented "Bubbling Brown Sugar", a retrospective of Harlem's golden years; Feb. 23, Soul food dinner; Feb. 25, 911 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh: Experience live music, food, art and entertainment in the Pittsburgh Cultural District; 11th annual Black History Month essay contest; Ken Carter, the former Richmond, California High School boys basketball coach spoke on "Average is Just Not Good Enough.  Period.", Mar. 31.

Chancellor's Distinguished Service Award for Staff Employees awarded to Brian Valentine for the year 2004/05.  Feb. 2005.

Honors Convocation.  8th, March 18, 2005.

UPG Distinguished Teaching Award given to Diane Cheek; UPG Distinguished Service Award given to Dr. Kerry Holzworth.  Mar. 2005.

UPG Chapters of Beta Beta Beta (National Honor Society in Biology) and Chi Alpha Sigma (National College Athlete Honor Society) installed.  Spring, 2005.

U.S. Army ROTC program initiated at UPG.  Late Spring, 2005.

Graduation, Apr. 30, 2005.  Commencement address by Eva Tansky Blum, Senior Vice President, PNC Bank; Class representative, Kristen D. Verenna; UPG President's Medal for Distinguished Service to The Honorable John J. Driscoll, judge in the Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland County, former Westmoreland County District Attorney, member of the UPG Advisory Board; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards--2005 PGAA Alumni of Distinction Award, Gary A. Amelio; 2005 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Kristen N. Asplin; 2005 PGAA Community Service Award, Tristan C. Robinson.

Children's Literature Conference, 9th, May 6, 2005.  Pittsburgh author Katherine Ayres and papermaker Denise Fleming featured speakers.

Stained glass mural, "Upward to the Light", designed by Terry L. Bengel dedicated as The Dr. Paul Albert Chew Memorial Window.  Located in the tower of Millstein Library.  May 14, 2005.

UPG hosted the Cave Canem Summer Workshop/Retreat, June 13, 2005.

Construction completed on the Natural Sciences and New Technology Academic Village Residence Hall.  Summer 2005.  Named Westmoreland Hall.

Construction of the expansion of Chambers Hall completed.  Summer 2005.

Freshman [First-Year Student] Convocation.  Aug. 25, 2005.

Opening of Westmoreland Hall, the newest residence hall in the system of Academic Villages and will house students in the Natural Sciences and New Technologies Academic Village.  Sept. 8, 2005.

Opening of the 2005/2006 academic year with a total enrollment of 1780 students (including 439 freshman and 128 transfer students) for all classes.  Aug. 29, 2005.

Presidential Ambassadors designated: Azalyn Amprim will serve until she graduates in 2008; Megan Walsh will serve until she graduates in 2007; Tristan C. Robinson will serve until he graduates in 2007.  October, 2005.

DaVinci Scholars for 2005/06 selected: Adam Hamill (Pgh., Pa.); Jodi Horn (Coulter, Pa.); Holly Wise (Montgomery, Pa.); Eileen Witt (Champion, Pa.).  December, 2005.

Patty LaMantia, RN, Director of the UPG Health Center, designated recipient of the 2005 President's Award for Staff Excellence.  December, 2005.


La Cultura 2006.  Classical Greece:  Tradition and Challenge.  Fifth annual fundraising event benefiting the Guy Rossetti  International Fund.  Reception and Dinner, Jan. 14, 2006.  Lecture series:  Oct. 27, 2005, Dr. David Seward, Part-time Instructor, UPG, "Classical Greek Influences in the Modern World";  Jan. 19, Dr. Anne Weis, Professor of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh, "Encounters with the Divine in Greece and the Hellenistic World";  Feb 16, Dr. William Pamerleau, Associate Professor of Philosophy, UPG, "Socrates' Ethical Challenge"; Mar. 22, Dr. Walter Orange, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UPG, "Searching for Pythgoras".  Event:  UPG Theater Arts, MEDEA, Mar. 23-25, 2006.

UPG announces receipt of a $500,000 grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation towards building a second floor on McKenna Hall, the campus computer center. January, 2006.

UPG announces an anonymous gift of $100,000 to create a chapel on the UPG campus.  January, 2006.

UPG celebrates Black History Month.  Feb. - Mar. 2006.  Highlights:  Jan - Mar., "One Book, One Community" Program; Jan. 31, Daryl Davis lecture on "Klan-Destine Relationships"; Feb. 13, "August in February: a celebration of the legacy and writing of Pulitzer Prize-winning author and playwright, August Wilson" (Byham Theater); Feb. 15, Kuntu Repertory Theater, MAHALIA JACKSON:  STANDING ON HOLY GROUND:  Feb. 16, "An Evening with Spike Lee" (Byham Theater); Feb. 21, Soul Food Dinner; Feb. 28, Andrew Stockey, WTAE Sports Anchor; Mar. 14, 12th Annual Black History Month Essay Contest and Awards Celebration. 

1st Annual Dr. Bernard Cobetto Lecture series on contemporary ethical issues.  Feb. 23, 2006, Randy Cohen, "How to Be Good".

UPG Women's Basketball Team won the Eastern College Athletic Conference Southern Regional Championship Tournament by beating Johns Hopkins, 59 to 54.  Mar. 4, 2006.

Honors Convocation.  Mar. 31, 2006.

UPG Distinguished Teaching Award given to Dr. Shu-Jiang Liu; UPG Distinguished Service Award given to Dr. Christine L. McCreary; UPG Distinguished Professional Development Award given to Dr. Jeffrey S. Sposato.  April, 2006.

Graduation, April 29, 2006.  Commencement address by Kathleen A. McGinty, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; Class Representative, Paul A. Rey, Jr.; President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Robert H. Davis, businessman and community leader, former owner of Davis Supermarkets, served on UPG Advisory Board; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards--2006 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Mary Grace O'Donnell; 2006 PGAA Community Service Award, Joseph Frambach.

Children's Literature Conference, 10th, May 5, 2006.  Conference featured Patricia MacLachlan, Newbery Medal winner, Dave Crawley, KDKA-TV rhyming reporter, and Denise Vega, author.  In honor of the 10th anniversary, a special dinner was held on May 4, 2006 honoring author/educator Sally Alexander and George F. Chambers, Ph. D., UPG President Emeritus.  The annual conference is funded by the Joan Chambers Children's Literature Collection at UPG, endowed in 1995 by UPG President Emeritus, George F. Chambers in memory of his late wife. 

Dr. Frank A. Cassell informed members of the UPG Faculty and Staff on June 26, 2006 that he had advised Provost Maher that he was retiring as President at the end of the next fiscal year, June 30, 2007.

First Year Student Convocation. Aug. 24, 2006.

Commuter parking lot constructed.  Aug. - Sept. 2006.

The Mabis McKenna Foundation awarded Pitt-Greensburg a gift of $2 million to fund an addition to McKenna Hall, the campus computer center.  The Richard King Mellon Foundation awarded $500,000 for this project and the Timken Foundation earmarked $40,000.  Fall, 2006.

Ground broken for the construction of the Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center.  Dec. 6, 2006.  The project was made possible by a $1 million gift from an anonymous donor.  The 4,600 square foot facility will include a 172 seat theater.  Construction began on 12/13/06.

Da Vinci Scholars for 2006/2007 selected:  Ellen E. Hoffman, Allison Park, PA;  Emily Nalevanko, Smock, PA;  Jonathan A. Bliss, Greensburg, PA.  Dec. 2006.

Elizabeth Tiedmann, designated recipient of the 2006 President's Award for Staff Excellence.  Dec. 2006.


La Cultura 2007.  "Welcome to China".  The sixth annual fundraising event benefiting the Guy Rossetti International Study Fund.  Reception and Dinner, Jan. 13, 2007.  Lecture series:  Oct. 17, 2006, Dr. Shujiang Lu, Asst. Prof. of English, UPG, "The Contemporary Cultural Landscape in China";  Nov. 9, 2006, Dr. Tina Phillips Johnson, Asst. Prof., St. Vincent College, "China Past, China Present"; Jan. 22, 2007, Dr. Monte Broaded, Director of International Programs at Butler University,  "Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats?  Economic Growth and Inequality in China"; Feb. 12,  Poet Huang Xiang, of the North Side, Pittsburgh, "his Poems in Chinese, preceded by readings in English";  Mar. 29, 2007 Kong Ho, Asst. Prof. of Art and Program Director at Pitt Bradford, "The Influence of Chinese Culture and Philosophy and the Art of Kong Ho".  Nov. - Dec. , 2006 "The Art of China - a Series of Exhibits", compiled by Dr. Nicoletti Assoc. Prof. of Engineering and Mathematics, UPG, displayed in the Millstein Library. 

UPG Celebrates Black History Month.   Feb. - Mar. 2007.  Highlights:  Month long Millstein Library Black History display on exhibit; Feb. 18, Kuntu Repertory Theatre, SERAFINA!;  Feb. 17, "An Evening with Aaron McGruder (Byham Theater); Feb. 19, the Film GLORY;  Feb. 21, "The History of Harlem Renaissance";  Feb. 21, "Gospel Choir Concert with DIVINE PRAISE from the IUP-Punxsutawney Campus; Feb. 25, "How to Cook a Soul Food Dinner";  Mar. 13, the 13th Annual Black History Month Essay and Awards Celebration. 

Honors Convocation, 9th, Mar. 23, 2007.  Faculty Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Mark Stauffer, Assistant Prof. of Chemistry;  Senior of the Year Award, Jason Downey. 

2nd Annual Dr. Cobetto Lecture Series in Contemporary Ethical Issues.  Apr. 4, 2007.  Dr James Childress, "Just Care:  Rationing in a Public Health Care Crisis". 

Graduation.  April 28, 2007.  Commencement address by Dr. James V. Maher, Provost and senior Vice Chancellor, University  of Pittsburgh; Class Representative, Andrew Bock;  President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Ms. Linda McKenna Boxx, chairwoman of the Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation and Mr. Ronald A. Magnuson, chairman of the Advisory Board of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg;  University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards:  2007 PGAA  Outstanding Faculty Award, Assoc. Prof. of English, Lori Jakiela;   2007 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction, Dr. Robert Whipkey, Director of Emergency Services, Excela Health Westmoreland;  2007 PGAA Community Service Award, Megan Walsh. 

First ROTC commissioning ceremony at UPG.  Matthew Wright commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army in ceremony Tuesday May 1, 2007.

Retirement reception for Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Cassell, UPG President, Aug. 1997 - June 2007, on May 3, 2007, Wagner Dining Hall, UPG.

Children's Literature Conference, 11th Annual, May 4, 2007.  Speakers featured:  Susan Campbell Bartoletti, winner of the Newberry Honor Book for "Hitler Youth:  Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow" and also author of "Kids on Strike" and "Growing Up in Coal Country", Bruce Coville, author of more than 90 books for young people, including the Unicorn Chronicles;  Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard, a Pittsburgh author who wrote "Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)" and "Vergie Goes to School With Us Boys";  Mary Bartek, educator and author of "Funerals and Fly Fishing", included in the Blank Street College's Best Children's Books of 2005.

Publication of WE MADE NO LITTLE PLANS:  A MEMOIR by Dr. Frank A. Cassell, President of UPG, 1997-2007, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, (May 2007) 114p.

The administration of the fourth UPG President, Dr. Sharon P. Smith, begins. July 1.

First Year Student Convocation. August 23.

8th Annual St. Clair Lectureship by Dr. Anne Mosher, Prof. of Geography, Syracuse University, "Westmoreland's Downtown Heritage, From the Gilded Age to the Disney Era." October 10.

Stained glass 10-panel window measuring 22 ft. and 11 ft. high depicting dozens of animals from all seven continents installed by stained glass artist, Terry Bengel, in the Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center. October 24.

Dedication of the Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center. November 19.

DaVinci Scholars induction ceremony. 2007 DaVinci Scholars: Amy Duli, Troy Eans, Nicole Garcher, Justin Karapindi, Megan Redfest. December 7.

Leigh Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Student Services and Director of Orientation, won the 2007 President's Distinguished Service Award for Staff. December 18.



First Annual Birthday Celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Reception and Dinner. January 18.

La Cultura 2008. "Egypt: Crossroads of Civilization". The 7th Annual fund raising event benefitting the Guy Rossetti International Study Fund. 2007/08 La Cultura Lecture Series: "A Historical Overview -- Yesterday and Today" by Dr. W. Michelmore, Chatham University, Sept. 25, 2007; "How Did They Do That? And Why? Exploring the Construction and Function of the Pyramids at Gizeh" by Dr. Amber A. McAllister, UPG, October 18, 2007; "A New Look at King Tut's Tomb" by Tracy Musacchio, Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania, November 1, 2007; "Power Hungry Queens of Ancient Egypt" by Tracy Musacchio, November 2, 2007; "Explore Islam; An Introduction to the Basic Teachings of Islam and How These Teachings Promote Peace and Respect for Other Religions and Sacredness of Human Life" by Khawla Kittaneh, Indiana University of Pa., January 17, 2008; "Prayer Rugs, Music Videos,, and Cell Phones -- Contemporary Egyptian Culture" by Dr. Richard Cahill, Berea College, February 6, 2008; "Egyptian Nationalism and the Future of the Israeli-Palentinian Conflict" by Dr. Buba Misawa, Washington and Jefferson College, April 1, 2008.

January 19.

Inaugural Joan Chambers Concert Series endowed by Dr. George F. Chambers, President Emeritus of UPG, in memory of his late wife, Joan. "Venerable Rivers of Gold" performed by the Univ. of Pittsburgh Gamelan, a group made up of community members and Pitt students and which uses percussion instruments to play music form the island of Java in Indonesia. March 1.

U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. presidency in the 2008  Democratic Primary Election made a campaigning stop at UPG. March 25.

Honors Convocation. Dr. Kelli Maloy received the UPG Award fo Distinguished Teaching; Dr. Ryad Ghanam, UPG Award for Distinguished Professional Development; Dr. Randi Koeske, UPG Award for Distinguished Service. March 28.

Inauguration and installation of Dr. Sharon P. Smith as fourth president of University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. April 2.

Third Annual Cobetto Lecture Series. Dr. Everette F. Dennis, the Felix E. Larkin Distinguished Prof. at Fordham University's Graduate School of Business, chairman of the Communication and Media Management Department and Director of the Center of Communication. Topic: "Trusting the Media in a Presidential year -- Can we or Not -- A Look at Freedom of the Press in the Digital Age." April 10.

Graduation. 186 graduates. Commencement address by Mr. Gary A. Amelio who had attended UPG from 1974-76, graduated from Pitt in 1978, and received his law degree from the School of Law at Pitt in 1981. President of retirement service for ULLICO, a company established in 1925 to secure the needs of unionized workers. Class Representative, Tory Eans; President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Mr. David Assard, retired president and chief executive officer of Elliot Co. in Jeanette and a member of the UPG Advisory Board; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Assoc. Awards: 2008 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award, Robert Dippolito, a 1987 graduate of UPG recognized for his service and dedication to his law enforcement work; 2008 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Vickilyn Barnot; 2008 PGAA Community Service Award, Lynne Marie Marmo-Farnia, a senior psychology major. For the first time, parents of UPG students who are themselves Pitt alumni co-presented diplomas to their children with UPG President Sharon P. Smith. April 26.

12th Annual Children's Literature Conference. Featured guests: Jack Gantos, born in Mt. Pleasant and author of several book series, THE JACK HENRY BOOKS, THE JOEY PIGZA BOOKS, THE ROTTEN RALPH ROTTEN READERS,  as well as books for young adults; Megan McDonald of Pittsburgh and author of the JUDY MOODY SERIES; Rebecca O'Connell, author of PENINA LEVINE IS A POTATO PANCAKE, PENINA LEVINE IS A HARD-BOILED EGG and THE BABY GOES BEEP. May 2.

UPG announces the offering of an introductory Chinese course to begin in Fall 2008. June 19.

The formation of a new organization, the Ben Franklin Society, with a mission "to encourage exceptional UPG students to continue their intellectual journeys of discovery both during college and in graduate school" announced. August 6.

A new chemistry major and the development of two broad majors, elementary and secondary education coupled with disciplinary specialization and an option for a full second major announced. August 21.

First Year Student Convocation. August 21.

Opening Lecture, "The Cold War and Its Hot Consequences" by Dr. Frank Wilson, in the 2008/09 La Cultura Series -- "A World of Change -- which this year, as part of the 45th celebration of the founding of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, will focus on the 45 years of change with an emphasis of that change in the international context by offering an interpretation of the global order since that time that the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg was founded. September 16.

A kick-off celebration of the 45th anniversary of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg held on the lawn in front of Chambers Hall and inside at the Fireside Lounge with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the community gathered for the activities. September 21.

9th Annual St. Clair Lectureship by Dr. Michael McConnell, Prof. of History, University of Alabama at Birmingham, "The 'British and Indian War' in Pennsylvania, 1758."  October 8.

The Heniz Chapel Choir under the direction of John Goldsmieth performed in the Joan Chambers Concert Series. October 11.

McFeeley-Rogers Foundation gave $10,000 grant for prototype Pitt-Greensburg program, a week-long summer science and math program for students in the Greater Latrobe School District who are between their freshmen and sophomore years. Dec. 17.

UPG receives $73,000 from Fisher Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation for the purchase of science equipment. December.

Michele Shuey, an academic advisor in the Office of Academic Affairs, named the recipient of the 2008 President's Distinguished Service Award for Staff. December 19.

Construction on main entrance to campus (moving of the curb back ten feet and the partial removing of the island to make more space for a wider turning radius), completed. December.


La Cultura [2009]. The La Cultura Winter Gala Celebrates 45 years of Pitt-Greensburg. Annual benefit dinner held Saturday, January 17, Millstein Library. La Cultura 2008-09 Lecture Series: "The Cold War and Its Hot Consequences" by Dr. Frank Wilson, Pitt-Greensburg, September 16, 2008; "A Retrospective and Prospective on the Enigma of Women" by Dr. Lipika Mazumdar, Pitt-Greensburg, October 29, 2008; "Doom, Gloom and Prosperity: 45 Years of Environmental Predications" by Dr. Tim Savisky, Pitt-Greensburg, November 10, 2008; "No End of History in Sight: Changes and Continuity from the Cold War to the Post-Cold War Eras" by Dr. Paul Adams, Pitt-Greensburg, February 11, 2009 rescheduled from January 28. Contemporary Art and the Contemporaraneity Question" by Dr. Terry Smith, Andrew W. Mellon Prof. of Contemporary Art History and Theory in the Dept. of the History of Art and Archetecture at the University of Pittsburgh, February 17, 2009; "A World of Change" by Dr. Guy M. Nicoletti, Pitt-Greensburg, March 19, 2009.

Fourth Annual Cobetto Lecture Series. Dr. Barbara Porco, Director of Program Development at Fordham University School of Business. Topic: "Ethical Leadership: The "tipping point" in a Financial Crisis". March 17, 2009.

Honors Convocation, March 27, 2009. Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Asst. Prof. of English, Distinguished Teaching Award; Dr. Lou Ann Sears, Asst. Prof. of English, Director of the Learning Resource Center, Distinguished Service Award; Dr. Edward P. Krisner, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, Distinguished Professional Development Award

Construction on the Chambers Hall renovation project (new fitness center, athletic coach offices, lockers) began in the Spring of 2009 at an estimated $2.5 million with a completion date scheduled for August 2009.

A new Katz Immersion MBA program to begin at Pitt-Greensburg in September 2009. Announced April 16, 2009.

Graduation. April 25, 2009. Commencement address by Michael D. Jones, Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Chief Operating Officer. 2009 Class Representative, Wayne A. De Floria; President's Medal for Distinguished Service, Dr. Thad Zaleskiewicz; 2009 PGAA Alumni of Distinction Award, Justin Merriman: 2009 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Melissa J. Marks; 2009 PGAA Community Service Award, Ashley Smith, junior psychology major.

Children's Literature Conference, 13th annual, May 1, 2009. Featured Speakers: Jacqueline Woodson, author of SHOW WAY, FEATHERS, LOCOMOTION; Gary D. Schmidt, author of LIZZIE BRIGHT AND THE BUCKMINSTER BOY, WEDNESDAY WARS, TROUBLE.

UPG Institute for Continued Learning, initiated in Fall 1998 and suspended in 2001, resumed activities in May, 2009.

First Year Student Convocation. August 27, 2009.

Opening of 2009/2010 academic year with first day of classes August 31, 2009. Total enrollment of 1808 composed of 1,676 full-time students and 132 part-time students for a full time equivalent of 1,729 students. 594 new students (410 new freshmen, 166 new transfer students, 18 first time non-degree students.)

Grand opening and re-dedication of the new fitness center, the Ronnie Andrews Fitness Center in Chambers Hall. The 2, 400 square foot fitness center will provide state-of-the-art for use by students, faculty and staff. September 14, 2009.

10th Annual Arthur St. Claire Lectureship by Dr. Devra Davis, "Tales of Donora: How what happened in a small town changed the nature of environmental policy around the world." October 14, 2009.

Fall term of academic year 2009/2010 ends December 19, 2009.

Troy Ross, Director of Housing and Residence Life received the President's Distinguished Service Award for Staff. December, 2009.

Green Scholars Program. "Established in fall 2009 the Green Scholar Program selects the best and brightest students in each of three academic divisions to work collaboratively with faculty doing research. The program allows students to expand their understanding of the majors while earning stipends as research assistants working with faculty members on specific scholarly projects. $10,000 grant from the Buncher Family Foundation supports the program." 2009-2010 First Green Scholars at UPG: Deidre Stuffer, Sam Tokich.



New Spanish major approved. An undergraduate major in Spanish within the Division of Humanities, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, with classes offered in fall 2010. Five students will receive the new degree in fall 2010. January 2010.

Cultura, La 2010. January 16, 2010. The La Cultura Winter Gala Annual Dinner benefitting scholarships. This year's theme, "Moving Toward a Greener Future". Welcome by Ms. Jennifer A. Miele, Westmoreland County Bureau Chief for WTAE-TV. Dinner menu prepared by Chartwell's Exec. Chef, Richard McMahon, and built around vegetable, fruit and meat, 80% produce from within a 150 mile radius of the Pitt-Greensburg Campus. The La Cultura Lecture Series for 2009/2010 will seek to provide and understanding of Brazilian culture and will feature: Sept. 24, 2009, Dr. George Reed Andrews, "Race in Brazil: Recent History and Current Debate"; Feb. 16, 2010, "Carnaval", annual Brazilian festival held 40 days before Easter; March 2, Peter Kornbluh, "Secrets of State: Brazil, Human Rights, and the Regional Role of a Latin American World Power"; March 22, Lilly Abreu, Brazilian soprano and jazz vocalist, "The Many Faces of Brazilian Jazz"; April 5, Andrew E. Franz, "Environmental Crime in Brazil".

Homecoming. February 5-6, 2010. 2 day event scheduled but events altered because of the major February snowfall.

Fifth Annual Cobetto Lecture Series. Featured speaker, Paul H. O'Neill, Chairmann and CEO of Alcoa (1987-1999), president of International Paper Co. (1985-1987), staff of US Office of Management and Budget (1967-1977), deputy director of the OMB (1974-1977), former Secretary of the US Treasury. Address, "The Role of a Leader in Creating a Values-Based Institution". March 31, 2010.

Honors Convocation, April 9, 2010. Student and faculty recognition: Honor Society Members, Academic Excellence Awards, Scholarships, Prizes and Awards.

Teacher Education Programs. April 2010. "Initial program approval" received from the Pa. Dept. of Education for an Instructional I certificate program in Early Childhood (pre K-4) and Secondary Education (grades 7-12). "Hands-on" inquiry-based teaching techniques as the primary method of instruction co-developed by Dr. Vickilyn Barnot and Dr. Melissa J. Marks.

Graduation. May 1, 2010. 178 graduates. Commencement address by Ken Sawyer, CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Class Representative, Alyson R. Kohler; President's Award for Distinguished Service, Dr.Vickilyn Barnot and Dr. Melissa J. Marks who were instrumental in co-developing the newly announced Education programs utilizing "Hands-on" inquiry-based teaching techniques as the primary method of instruction; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards: 2010 PGAA Alumna of Distinction, Barbara J. Christner, Esq., vice president and shareholder at Ward & Christner, PC, in Greensburg; 2010 PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award, Brian Mooreland, DC (first receipient of this award), 2010 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Nancy Estrada, associate professor of Spanish; 2010 PGAA Community Service Award, Lori Caldwell, Class of 2010.

Green Scholars Program. 2010-2011 Green Scholars: Nicholas Marrone, Elliot Sheedy, Deidre Stuffer, Jian Tan. April 2010.

14th Annual Children's Literature Conference. May 7, 2010. Featured speakers: Leonard Marcus, author, THE PICTURE BOOK MADE NEW: MARGARET WISE BROWN, HER ILLUSTRATORS, AND HER WORLD; Betsy Lewin, illustrator, "a rollicking jaunt through her world of picture book illustration."

Institute for Continued Learning. Inititated in Fall 1998, suspended in January 2001, resumed in May 2009. Changed name in March 2010 to CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AT PITT-GREENSBURG (CPG at UPG).

Construction Projects 2010. Construction and renovation projects during the spring and summer of 2010 undertaken. Sites include: Chambers Hall; the Lyceum; Millstein Library (Patio; Psychology Lab); Pedestrian Bridge; Robertshaw Hall; Smith Hall; softball field.



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