Libraries & WTO
International Responsibilities Task Force
of the American Library Association's
Social Responsibilities Round Table

ALA Resolution on World Trade Organization Policies Affecting Libraries

Approved by ALA Council, January 18, 2000
SRRT Resolution on World Trade Organization Policies Affecting Libraries


Whereas IFLA and the Canadian Library Association (CLA) have taken very similar strong positions regarding new World Trade Organization (WTO) proposals affecting libraries;

And whereas the national delegates to the November 1999 WTO Ministerial Conference in Seattle were unable to proceed due to large-scale protests mobilized by a wide coalition of environmental, labor, religious, professional, and civil society organizations;

And whereas ALA sent a delegate to the WTO meeting but had no official position;

And whereas the WTO negotiates in secret and excludes popular participation;

And whereas the WTO proposals could have dramatic negative effects on publicly supported libraries as explained in the IFLA and CLA position statements;

Therefore be it resolved that ALA endorses the IFLA WTO position statement;

Be It Further Resolved that ALA will work in coalition with other organizations as identified by the International Relations Committee to protect libraries within the WTO context.

Be It Further Resolved that this resolution be communicated to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and to the Canadian Library Association (CLA).


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