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Resolution on the Draft ALA International Relations Agenda
The following resolution was adopted by the elected representatives of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) on July 8, 2000. SRRT is a body within the American Library Association but does not and should not be taken to speak for the Association as a whole. In this resolution SRRT speaks only on its own behalf.
Submitted by Al Kagan and Mark Rosenzweig
Social Responsibilites Round Table Newsletter, No. 135, June 2001, p. 10.

Whereas the ALA International Relations Committee has formulated an International Relations Agenda and has asked for comments:

Resolved that the Social Responsibilities Round Table transmits the attached [following] proposed amendments to the ALA International Relations Committee for their consideration.

Response to the Draft of the ALA International Relations Agenda 2000-2005

The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association commends the ALA International Relations Committee for its efforts to establish an International Relations Agenda. Although SRRT agrees with the thrust of the operational sections, we are proposing several changes and additions to strengthen the language and address points omitted. We do however have deeper concerns with the Guiding Principles which will be used to evaluate issues not specifically addressed in the body of the document. Here we are proposing significant changes that we think better describe the current state of affairs and reflect long-standing ALA policy statements.

SRRT puts forward the following proposed amendments. Paragraphs not affected are omitted. Deletions are [bracketed]. New text is in CAPITALS.

Guiding Principles.

1) An Internationally Aware Organization.
2) An Internationally Aware and Involved Membership.
3) An Effective and Far Reaching International Program.
*See 1991-92 CD#17.1, U.S. Objectives for IFLA and 1996-97 CD#18.4, IFLA, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression.


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