Recall prompt  
Time: Item presentation   ms
Time: Outcome presentation   ms
Time: Button delay   ms
Practice: Item count  
Practice: Sentence count  
Practice: Set size  
Set sizes  
Randomize set size order  
Randiomize sentence order  
Sentence length   Between and words


To get credit for my work, I ask that all publications of research in which this task has been used contain an explicit acknowledgment
to that effect in the form of the URL of this Web page in a footnote or in the acknowledgments section. You may also include my name
to ensure that the reader can find this resource in case the page is moved.

Also, please consider sending me info on the publication (

Conway, A.R.A., Kane, M.J., Bunting, M.F., Hambrick, D.Z., Wilhelm, O., Engle, R.W. (2005) Working memory span tasks: A methodological review and user's guide. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 12, 769-786.

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