In the Spring of 2001, Founding Sister Natasha Khan became interested in Greek Life at the University of Pittsburgh.  However, she found that this wonderful opportunity created for the female student body did not actually reflect the diversity of the female student population.  She desired a sisterhood that embodied the ideals of diversity, and after finding support in Founding Sister Erika Strauss, they went on a search to find a sorority that aligned with their own personal values of culture, service, and scholarship.  After much searching they found exactly what they had been looking for: Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.  
            In Fall 2001, they met
Founding Sister Teresa Bernaciak, who also desired to found an organization with high ideals, one with a true and diverse sisterhood and a strong commitment to service.  In late Fall, the Founding Sisters submitted a proposal for the colonization of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., on the University of Pittsburgh campus.
            On April 14, 2002 Founding Sisters Khan, Strauss, and Bernaciak crossed into this sisterhood as "ONE-der Women", and by August 2002 the Nu Colony was revealed to the University of Pittsburgh, becoming the first and only Multicultural Greek Letter organization on campus. 

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