Prof. Meyer





Meyer Group Interests

The Meyer group is interested in the design and synthesis of polymeric and composite materials with the potential for high level application.  A particular focus of the group is synthesis of repeating sequence copolymers (RSCs) which exhibit sequence-dependent properties.  RSCs suitable for use in the biomedical and electronics fields are under development.  We are also interested in the preparation of oligomeric and polymeric systems for mercury sensing and in the creation of stimuli sensitive composites.


Jian Li, in collaboration with Dr. Harry Edenborn at NETL, has discovered that the hydrolysis rates of repeating sequence copolymers of lactic and glycolic acids depend on sequence and that the release rate of the monomers with time exhibits sequence dependent release rates.

Recent Group News:

August 2009
Benjamin Norris, Jian Li, Tianqi Pan, and Xiao Jin from the group attended the fall 2009 ACS Meeting in Washington D.C. and presented posters describing their research.  Pictures from the Meeting can be found in the group photos section.

August 2009
New paper! 1st paper from the collaboration between NETL, the Petoud group and the Meyer group: Oxley, D. S.; Walters, R. W.; Copenhafer, J. E.; Meyer, T. Y.; Petoud, S.; Edenborn, H. M. "Mono- and Terfluorene Oligomers as Versatile Sensitizers for the Luminescent Eu3+ Cation" Inorg. Chem. 2009, 48, 6332-6334.

August 2009
Robert Walters graduated with his Ph.D. and has returned to his job at PPG industries.  Congratulations Rob!

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