Bio: I am 18 years old, , I'm from Greenfield Township PA (just north of Scranton) and I enjoy learning. My favorite type of things to learn are technical skills that allow me to do cool things like make my own webpage. I also enjoy learning how things work and why things behave the way they do, so that would explain why the sciences, like physics, chemistry, and circuit theory. My favorite thing to do, is to apply what I learn from science classes and make cool devices. I am always tinkering, trying to make new things, such as a cassette player, a solar powered phone charger, a torsion catapult, and most recently an air intake for Pitt's FSAE car.
I also am a bit of a history and general knowledge nut. I think learning what our ancestors did before us is so interesting. I was on a nationally competing scholastic bowl team in high school, which was a great time. Apart from the core engineering curriculum, I'm currently taking a class on the analysis of the Conflict in Northern Ireland, which is interesting to me because most of my ancestors are from Ireland, and because its fascinating to observe how the effects of senseless discrimination can lead to unneccessary violence.
I'm also a bit of an environmentalist. I'm always thinking of ways that I can be as environmentally friendly as possible, and ways that mankind can be more environmentally responsible as we continue to live and prosper. We have to treat our only Earth nicely, because it is home to all of us. In high school I was on the envirothon team and the watershed team.
My mailing address is 3525 Forbes Ave,
Pittsburgh PA, 15213
Apt. 600-1