Pitt provides a stimulating environment for theory & computation researchers and students. There are strong interactions between the various groups, and having such a large TCC “supergroup” provides many benefits including having a very active visitors’ program.

The Theoretical & Computational Chemistry community at Pitt sponsors the Henry Frank Lecture series, which brings leading theoretical/computational chemists to Pittsburgh for three-five day stays to deliver lectures and to interact with students, postdocs, and faculty. Joint TCC seminars are held in the Physical Chemistry division, in Chemical Engineering, the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, and the Biophysics Theory Club. There is a joint Joint CMU-Pitt Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology seminar series and a joint CMU-Pitt Computational Biology seminar series. Lectures in Scientific Computing, Numerical Methods, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Biophysics, Advanced Methods of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, and many more, are offered to all theory & computation students across campus.

Leading theoretical chemists and physicists who have spoken in these seminar series include

  • Ali Alavi, University of Cambridge (2013)
  • Roi Baer, Weizman Institute of Science (2014)
  • Kieron Burke, University of California, Irvine (2010)
  • Garnet Chan, Princeton University (2014)
  • Claudia Filippi, University of Twente (2015)
  • Giulia Galli, University of Chicago (2010)
  • Bill Gelbart, University of California, Los Angeles (2012)
  • Leticia Gonzalez, University of Vienna (2015)
  • Hannu Hakkinen, University of Jyvaskyla (2015)
  • Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne (2007)
  • Gerhard Hummer, NIH (2010)
  • Fred Manby, University of Bristol (2013)
  • Anne McCoy, University of Washington (2013)
  • Thomas Miller, California Institute of Technology (2013)
  • José Onuchic, Rice University (2010)
  • John Perdew, Temple University (2015)
  • Mark Ratner, Northwestern University (2013)
  • Joost VandeVondele, University of Zurich (2015)
  • David Wales, Cambridge University (2007)
  • Birgitta Whaley, University of California at Berkeley (2015)
  • Julia Yeomans, University of Oxford (2008)