Another favorite of mine is Green Bean soup. I loved my mothers so much
I had to find how to make it. Itís a meal in itself, and itís hard to stop eating it.

Cook 3 large peeled and cubed potatoes till soft with salt, 1/2 teas.

Add the potatoes and juice to a larger pot.

Add 2 cans of cut green beans and the juice.

Add some water.

After the pot begins to boil lightly add some flour and corn starch.

Fry 2 cut up strips of bacon slowly. After they are browned, add them
to the pot, but keep the grease.

Add parsley and chives, and I always add Mrs. Dash with everything.
Combine some flour to the grease for a RU, brown and
mix into pot.

After pot has been lightly boiling for Ĺ hour to ĺ hour, total,
add 1 cup sour cream .

Mix and serve.