Best chicken soup.

Old world style chicken soup meal, or what our family has been doing forever
with our HUNGARIAN roots.

Ingredients can be reduced in size, but NEVER slice into small parts.
Thats done on an individual basis taking your helping.

Total cooking time, 3-4 hours.

Its also possible to take some components out of the pot when finished and kept on the side,
but thats not how we always do it.
The only problem I see is you would have to warm it separately.

1 TBSP Paprika
2 TBSP Lawry Seasoning Salt.(Important as well as most ingredients)
10-15 Whole Peppercorns
6 Whole Garlic Cloves
1 Handfull Fresh Parsely rinsed, some use the root, probably some of each.
1 Whole Yellow Onion
8 Whole Carrots peeled, cut long ones.
3 Whole Peeled tomatoes, partially drain.
2-4 Whole leafy celery stalks.
5 Whole medium peeled potatos
1 Whole Kohlrabi (optional) but perhaps not!
(A little bit of cabbage can also be added, but not too much.)

1 Whole 3-5 Lb. chicken + Giblets inside. Rinse well. Dad said older ckickens taste better..
1 Piece Beef Shank with bone and, or beef on bone.(good option)

Start early. Simmer chicken + Beef with 1 TSBP salt in water,
"IN 4-5 gallon enamel Lined POT"

Skim as foam builds up, and after 1-1.5 hrs, skim off top residue to add other ingredients. Do not let boil.

Do not completely cover top of pot so it does
not boil, but you should have a cover.

Add other ingredients EXCEPT potatoes. Cook another 2-3 hours.
Add potatoes 1/2 hour before serving time, or, cook potatoes separate and add near serving time. Seems like the soup liquid is
more than 3/4 full when the soup is done, so add enough water
to keep the level constant.

Beef Boulion cubes can add flavor if beef is not used,

I suggest removing chicken after completion, and separate chicken parts and bones.
Add some chicken back to pot if desired.

Most everything will sink after a full cook.
We never add noodles to the pot. Thats done on an individual basis,
selecting the favorite syle noodle, and soup components,
The pot is too full of stuff allready, so there is no room for
noodles, plus you can see the veggies and chicken and select
what you want. Just don't make a mess of everything.

We usually have at least two noodle styles. I like the wide flat ones.
Bow ties and dumplings are also popular.

As I said, its a meal. You can select veggies and meat, and put it
on a dry plate. I like making chicken sandwiches. That beef tastes great
with some brown mustard.
The beef really raises it to another level, and I can't believe some do not include
potatoes, as this is one of the most popular ingredients in our family recipe.