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Nations first fallout shelter Pleasant Hills

Nations first BOMB (fallout) shelter home, Pleasant Hills, Pa.










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Nations first BOMB (fallout) shelter home, Pleasant Hills, Pa.

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The rest of this is to foologle into believing this home reference page actually has some usufull information
on it. gle does not index all web pages like a good search engine should. Well there is no search engine that can fit
all the web. I don't see the point of indexing a page without including its home page.

So, here is stuff from my indexed pages. You can stop now.

So what's all this Geneva stuff? Well it just began as something
to fill my page many years ago. Got lots of Geneva pictures. I have been vacationing
at Geneva-On-The-Lake since about 1962. Not that I don't go to
other places, but if you go up to Lake Erie, why go to some other town.
I think I missed a couple of summers though. When I lived in
California I still made it to Geneva.

Geneva was the place to go for Pittsburghers back in the 40's and 50's.
For some reason, I guess mainly the water level, the beaches were huge.
Many of the names in Geneva reflect Pittsburgh places. In the 60's
the lake got bad and the beaches were, well, small. Geneva didn't know how
to handle the hippie generation, the towns visitors became thin. The lake really
started to improve in the late 70's, and thanks to some additions by the Pera's, and
consistant visitation of the towns bars, people started to return.
Now, when the waves have subsided you can see for at least 20 feet.
The private beaches are still small. With the addition of the state park
and marina things really kicked up. Many boats make their way out each day in search of walleye.
The Marina facilities are fantastic, probably one of the finest
marinas around. The state park beach is also large.
A "country" easy going setting, is what Geneva is all about.

Mention Geneva, and someone will remember the Go Cart Track. Not you average
Go cart track. The sound and the fun were part of what made Geneva. The
good original cars and track are gone today.

Have to mention Indian Creek Camping establishment, a long people contributor
to the Geneva streets. They used to be highy visable with the train shuttle constantly
moving people in and out of town, Indian Creek, one of the best camp sites in the US.
Not your avarage campground.

Ok, one of Geneva's favorites, is Eddies Grill. Having a 50's era theme, it great food, and
the not so average Dari Queen might be the best in the nation. Only get a large cone if you dare.
Its much larger than average, so are the smalls.

Its a real rock'in town via the Cove Nightclub". Not your average rock bar. Been there
as long as I can remember with PJ Macchia owner. I remember when Donny Iris,or
Donny, and the
Jaggerz often had their poster outside the club back in the 60's.
Another lesser known group, "Good Question", also manned the place at times during the 70's.
Today there is more or less a diversified showing, but back in the late 70's the big hard rock show
bands were the norm. During the lean years when the Lake was bad, the bars were responsible for
holding the fort in Geneva-on-the-Lake. Back a few years ago (1969), the drinking age was 18 in Ohio, 21 in Pa.. Many younger people set out for fun
heading for Geneva on a friday night looking for a room. Seems like more local people visit on weekends
now, not looking for a room. Actually, serving beer "only" to youngers was legal up until a few years ago in Ohio.
Luckily today, they still let younger aged people into clubs, but are not allowed to drink.

The Swiss Chalet, the other palce in town, what used to be a place for the older generation, now
is populated by that once younger generation.

Today, not as high prcentage of Pittsburghers visit, allthough
you will still find many. Many head toward Ocean City, Md., Virginia
Beach, or Myrtle Beach, still, Geneva is only a couple hours away! Its the closest point to Lake Erie as
the bird flies.

By the way, Geneva is probably the biggest its been for 30 years, with more shops and eateries now
than one remembers. You can go far away and still not find better or more unique establishments.
There is a new convention center on the State park grounds, in front of the marina
, very close to the shore.

WIth the new outside fun park down the road and ever popular golf courses nearby, Geneva-on-the-Lake
will continue to grow.
What other resort has an 18 hole golf course, withing walking distance of town center?

Geneva-On-The-Lake, a place of priceless moments and affordable pleasures..Betty Layport
CRC has some nice products stocked at The Home Depot. REALLY BARGAIN prices
Cleaner and separate lubricant.

One of the most popular cleaners was Cramolin R-100, now sold as Cramolin Contaclean
and Caig now sells DeoxIT, along with many other products.
I feel there is a difference in all the basic "red" products.
I am attempting to compare all the "red" products from all sides of the coin.

By the way, I also have a vial of old Cramolin copper impregnated grease. Someone told me this was
one original product Cramolin made for rail tracks in factories??

Cramolin Products
My attempt to order Contaclean from Newark failed, reasons not given from
them, but I also was going to order it direct from Farnell,
and the cost of shipping two cans was $275. So I didn't order any. Still no distributor.

The liquids don't seem to be available undiluted in those little vials that are so handy except for Caig's line
which is very large indeed!

I have ordered Caig's web kit, with little tubes.

another one of Caig's products is Cailube, an oily blue liquid or spray said to be
designed for pots and stuff requiring lubrication. (Should allready be cleaned)(Smells like motor oil)

More info from Caig

Cramolin Home Page


It seems most of these new sprays are flammable. Many of the older sprays were not.
One of the new sprays thats nonflammable is Cramolin "Cleaner HFE". Not only
is it non-flammable, but can be used on energized equuipment. This Of course is one
of the non residue type sprays.


I'm going to mix up some cleaner concoctions of my own. I have to make solutions anyway
using alcohol mixtures, using Stabilant 22, and other stuff like D5 or R-100.
How about some plain medical mineral oil, couple drops of this, and a couple drops of that,
into some plain mineral spirits.
My latest findings indicate some of the cleaner products may contain some oleic acid.
Some people have made made 5% mixtures using naptha as a thinner. I might just try
some alcohol.
If you do a Google Groups advanced search, you can read some interesting
descriptions of chemistry, by some apparently informed people.
Speaking of mixes, always remember to shake the can before spraying mixes!
Some of these mixes don'rt really mix all that well, and you might not be putting out anywhere
near what its supposed to. Shake, spray a little throw away somewhere safe, then do your serious
contact cleaning. Air Tables Putting a relatively heavy object on blown up tennis balls, an inner tube,
etc., is a common way to get rid of floor and table vibrations. When you place a
mass on top of the air bladders, you should achieve a natural resonant freq lower
than the vibration frequencies transmitted from the floor. Its desirable to achieve
a 1 to 3 Hz major table resonance for a stereo turntable. Simply using air bladders
provides little damping of this resonance. My trick is to use bicycle or smaller
diameter tubes and feed the tube with a permanately attached air line.
The line will feed externally to another tube or bladder. When the isolation table
starts bouncing, the air line absorbs part of the pressure changes. This flow through
the air line acts as a resistance, dampening the resonance which is the key to its success.
In its simplest form, there is one inner tube which the table top plate sits. This is
fed through an air tube to another tube nearby. The line size can be regulated with a clamp. The
amount of pressure in the system and the table and component weight determine the resonant
frequency. This system controls vertically induced vibrations fairly well. Unfortunately,
horizontal movement can cause rocking. To combat this a more complex system must be employed.
Use 3 or 4 smaller tubes at the corners with lines comming from each tube to a central tee,
then feeding into another line going to the external bladder or inner tube. The table combination
fights vertically induced vibration in the same way. When an unequal distribution causes rocking,
the air lines between the tables main tubes start to conduct air flow, providing the
resistance needed to dampen this rocking. I have not supplied any diagrams, but the system
is fairly self explanitory.
There are laboratory systems which use very large tables, air bladders, level sensing
valves, tubes, and air supplies, so my basic is very much the same only smaller and a bit simpler.
The anti rocking effect can also be seen applied to anti-wave water beds. An inner
material placed to help block the waters flow from side to side provides the extra damping
to help stop the wave effect. I started looking into all this turntable business when helping my DJ friends cope
with major floor movement when everyone is dancing, and your supposed to set up on
terribly constructed podiums, which are placed upon a vibrating floor! I never did any
real construction of my practical air tables. I did gain more insight of the basic problems
and was able to minimize them with various foams and other materials.
There is a very good foam that can be used alone or in conjunction with
other materials. This is the kind of foam rubber usually associated with can coolers
for pop and beer. It is also seen as piping insulation. This is usually black in
color and very soft, not to be confused with the polyethelene type. The foam
is very soft and seems to have a very good self damping quality, probably because its
kind of gummy. By cutting up appropriate sizes, this material can be placed under
sub platforms or alone at equipment corners.