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- One alternative to F-75 is to mix, is to make a Nutrition mixture by making super flour. The technique is as under:
Take equal amounts of
a) wheat or any other whole cereal grain
b) Rice
c) Chick peas or any other legume/pulse
Clean and dry the ingredients. Roast without using oil, each of them seperately. Allow them to cool and grind each of them. Mix all of them.
For preparing, take one glass of water and add 3-4 Tablespoons of this flour mixture. Boil and add some oil. Stir it until a pudding like consistency is seen. One gram of this mixture gives 1.7 Kcal. energy. Give as much as the child can eat.
For those with anorexia, start milk 20-40 ml, 2 hourly by Nasogastric tube till the appetite appears and the child can take by oral route.