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Taken from
Bradford VTS Web Pages for General Practice
Non-clinical Tutorials for GP Registrars

This set of .ppt slides is intended for those who are going to give training in the Cochrane Library, but who do not have facilities to do an on-line demonstration. They can be adapted to suit the needs of those using them.
It consists of images of screens taken from the Clib which can be used to illustrate a training session.
The speakers notes do not contain detailed information. This can be sought from the Self-teaching guide also available to download from the web. The order of the slides does however suggest a format that you could follow which will cover:
- The features of the Clib screen
- Searching
- The different record types and information sources on the Clib
- Navigating round documents
- Displaying the odds-ratio diagrams

- Printing and coping

The above slide shows the opening screen of the Cochrane Library, showing the 3 main sections, toolbar, index window and document window