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One of the most important indicator of social health is children’s physical development.

In literature there is a lot of information about the decrease of anthropometrics data during the wars and economic crisis.

One of the goal of this work was also to find out the health deviation of children because of malnutrition.

This paper illuminates that during the war and economic depression in Armenia parameters of children’s growth and development from socially vulnerable groups are lower than average figure. For assessment of degree of insufficiency of nutrition on the population level (as WHO experts recommend) we took into account simultaneously

1.Death rate of children 4years old and younger

2.Mass of body during birth

3.Growth (height) of children till 7years old.

4.Age at beginning of menstruation(4) .

The selection of the contingent for anthropometrics research took place with a special questionnaire. We found out each child family social economic status, health condition of parents and possible harmful factors which could have influence on a child’s health. We used anthropometrics, laboratory methods of research.