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Jewish Russian Immigrants in the US and around the world. Health Needs. Part 2: Health challenges lecture by Olga Greg and the Supercourse Team Uploading date: March 20, 2013

Part I of this presentation

Developed by Olga Greg and the Supercourse team with the Support of Jewish Healthcare Foundation.


The mission of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) is to support and foster the provision of healthcare services, healthcare education, and, when reasonable and appropriate, medical and scientific research, and to respond to the medical, custodial and other health-related needs of elderly, underprivileged, indigent and underserved persons in both the Jewish and general community throughout Western Pennsylvania.

In fulfilling this mission, JHF perpetuates the vision and values of the founders of Montefiore Hospital, whose sale in 1990 provided for the Foundation's endowment.




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