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However, it is not just health problems that cross borders or are common to countries around the world; solutions to these problems can also cross borders and be shared, regardless of level of development. All countries can both learn from other countries and also share their own experiences and information. An enlightened new definition of global health paints the picture of a two-way street: Shared problems, sharing solutions. This new definition is very important for the science of global health, as global health is portrayed as a road of sharing.

There are many challenges to global health with different professionals emphasizing different diseases.Interdisciplinary approaches are needed to ease the burden of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

As of today, medical schools and schools of allied health professions have very few lectures on global health in their curricula

Health is becoming a global problem, with chronic diseases being a number one killer around the globe

By learning more about global health research, faculty and students will be better equipped to face the challenges of their unique profession




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