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Self-management education programs can reduce pain and costs. The Arthritis Foundationís Self-Help Program teaches people how to manage arthritis and lessen its effects. This 6-week course reduces arthritis pain by 20% and physician visits by 40%. However, courses are not offered in all areas of the country.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, which addresses arthritis along with other chronic diseases, could save money and improve quality of life for people with arthritis.

Physical activity has been shown to have significant benefits for people with arthritis, including reductions in pain and improvements in physical function, mental health, and quality of life. Community exercise programs, such as the Arthritis Foundationís Exercise Program or EnhanceFitness, have been shown to improve health status among participants.

Weight control and injury prevention measures can lower a personís risk for developing osteoarthritis. Weight loss can reduce symptoms for people with knee osteoarthritis.

The pain and disability that accompany arthritis can be decreased or avoided through early diagnosis and appropriate management, including self-management activities such as weight control and physical activity.