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According to the previous presentation:

The goal of the CCM is for patients and providers to work together to define problems, set priorities, establish goals, create treatment plans and to solve problems as they are encountered.  To do so, patients need to be activated and informed. 


1.The patient can become knowledgeable by attending classes, using  online education, using their healthcare provider to give them knowledge. 
2.As the patient understands the basics of diabetes and what is happening to their bodies, then they can begin to understand the importance of taking control and learn tools they need to accomplish this.  In the previous slides, you have been given information on diabetes, which providers can use as they work with their patients.
3.Being able to include people who are important in the life of the patient is vital to success.  This person or persons become support and provide encouragement.  It is important for the provider to include this person or persons in conversations as the patient wants.  It is a team effort for success.
4.It takes time to develop a relationship with the patient where they will gain trust.  By taking time to understand where the patient is in terms of their beliefs, values and knowledge, the provider will be able to move forward and assist the patient in taking control of their diabetes.