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Nutrient Management Specialists and Engineers

5 NM Specialists located in London, Stratford, Woodstock, Brighton, Kemptville
3 NM Engineers located in Stratford, London, Verner
assistance and advice to producers who become subject to the act
how they apply to an operation
recommendations on possible solutions to farm management issues relating to NM
education and awareness
NMAN or workbooks
process for NMS/P
prepare information and resources for client groups and the public
monitor issues and needs for NM and develop resources to address these needs
work with local municipalities
share information and resources on NM
work with municipalities in the transition period
increase awareness of NMS/p
review local bylaws
assist with the establishment and work with local Advisory Committees
prescreening of Nutrient Management Strategies/Plans
assistance with review of NMS/P with producers/consultants prior to approval for completeness, farm sketches, application requirements and contact information