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Demonstrate use of emergency communication equipment that will be required to use in a MCI response
Discuss principles of containment and decontamination
Describe procedures for decontamination of self, others, equipment for selected CBRNE agents;
Identify and discuss ethical issues related to CBRNE:
Rights and responsibilities of the HCPs—refuse work, refuse vaccine;
Need to protect public vs the individual’s right for autonomy, e.g. right to leave scene of contamination;
Right of individual to refuse care, informed consent
Allocation of limited resources;
Confidentiality of info
Use of public health authority to restrict individual activities, require reporting from health professionals, collaborate with law enforcement;
Describe ethical, legal, psychological, cultural considerations when dealing with dying and or hauling human remains;
Identify/discuss legal/regulatory issues related to:  abandonment of patients & response to MCI and one’s position of employment; and roles/responsibilities assumed by volunteer efforts;
Human diversity
Discuss cultural, spiritual, social issues that may affect an individual’s response to a MCI
Discuss diversity of emotional, psychosocial, socio-cultural responses to terrorism or the threat of terrorism on one’s self and others;