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Is it safe to eat DNA?  In surveys, a surprising number of people think that the only plants that contain DNA are those that have been genetically modified using molecular techniques.  But actually, all plants contains DNA, as do all animals and microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.  So just about everything we eat contains DNA.  Sometimes a particular part of a plant, like cooking oil, is separated from the rest and doesn’t have much DNA left in it.  But in general,  meat, fruit, grains, vegetables, eggs, milk and most other foods contain DNA.  The amount of extra DNA introduced into a plant by molecular methods is about one part in a million or .0001% of the amount in the plant already.  DNA digestion begins in the mouth and is completed in the stomach and digestive tract, although small bits can survive.  This does not change our genes -- everyone eats a lot of foreign DNA from both plant and animal foods in their diet.