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(Dr. Clark)
Talking Points:

Before we close, I want to share with you some key addresses and encourage you to find out more about the NDEP. We have many products and tools for providers and people with diabetes that are available for downloading right off the NDEP web site. You may also order NDEP materials through our two toll-free numbers.

There are two publications you may find of special interest for influencing health care system decision makers: The Team Care Approach to Lifetime Diabetes Management and Making a Difference in Diabetes.

We have order forms and samples of NDEP products in the back of the room and at the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse exhibit booth... Please feel free to take these home and share them with your colleagues.

On behalf of the National Diabetes Education Program, I want to thank you for coming today and for supporting this important program. We'd also be glad to take any questions in the remaining time.

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