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The presence of some elements in products of feeding is connected with soil, where they are grown up. Letís take two examples.

First: Rice from Bangladesh has the highest levels of copper and the lowest zinc, the Japanese rice - the lowest level of copper and the highest - of cadmium. It means that a person from Japan eats about 100 mg cadmium every day (eating 364 g of rice). In the polluted regions these indexes are higher - 600 mg daily, that is higher than weekly norm - 500 mg per person. Such elements as Cr, V, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cd play an important role in CV activity (some positive, some negative). Fortunately cadmium is always goes with zinc, which allows the negative influence of the first balance with positive of the second.

Second example: The agriculture fertilizers can lead to the contaminating with cadmium and other heavy metals.