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There are many examples of the presence of the correlation between the soils and CVD. In USA prevails the sand soils, poor with biologically important elements, in those placed where CVD are the mostly spread. Another picture is the region of big plateaus, where the soils are rich with these elements. The nearest of the coast, elements of soils, the alkalinity of soils - are also the important factors. The selenium is useful for prevention of CVD. It was noticed (USA, Sweden, Finland) that the satisfactory amount of selenium in soil (soil, plants) leads to decreased amount of CVD. Many of authors say that the hypertonics have the less amount of selenium in kidneys than normotensive people; and the risk of myocardial infarction 7 times higher with people who have less than 3,4 mg/l-1 concentration of selenium in blood.

In Finland there are the highest rates of mortality from CVD in the world. Inside the country these indexes are the highest in those regions where there is the low content of Ca and MG in soil. In Mediterranean countries where the soils are made from lime-stones the level of mortality from CVD is lower than in countries with ashes soils.