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In 2003, Progreso had about 45,000 inhabitants. Producing typical western European Hs, Poznan in west central Poland has 579,000 inhabitants. Poznan is a contrast or control. In Japan, Tomonari in 1959 found that H and mortality (M) are positively related. The greater the stature is "the longer the length of life." Over 40 years, he found 23.3 % of 4374 men had died. The H:M relation was reconfirmed by Waaler in 1984 for Norwegians. Tall rich and short poor were well recognized by Villermé (1829, 1840).
Income inequality ends in malnutrition for rural poor population.

Inequality during globilization is the present issue. Anthropometrics are often part of some other project and computer-managed record keeping is still a luxury in many parts. Much depends on decent recordkeeping. The full name of each child or adult must be recorded. Age should be recorded by day. Each child having his own health card is one such luxury. Lack of access to death certificates at the municipal (county) level is another current problem.