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1. I have been hired by FIGO to act as their Program Manager for their Safe Motherhood/Newborn Health Initiative.
2. I am privileged to be the first midwife hired by FIGO. I have been called FIGO’s “embryo.”
3. This is a milestone in the relationship between FIGO and ICM. As FIGO’s embryo, I symbolize the interest that the two organizations have in making sure collaboration occurs on the ground. It is part of my task to make sure that the necessary structures are in place, but I am well aware as a midwife that what is most is that the midwives, the TBAs, the nurses, and the obstetricians respect each other.
4. In Canada until 1994, we had no legislation for midwives. Our medical associations were at first reticent to allow midwives to practice, but they realized that women wanted midwives, wanted control over how much intervention they were going to have, and even wanted the option to deliver at home. The obstetricians could not be in a position where they were denying such rights and decided to collaborate. Today I am paid by my government in Canada to offer women home or hospital birth, and help them to understand or perform possible interventions. I have hospital privileges in order to carry out this work.