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Diana H. Fishbein, PhD, RTI Senior Fellow, Behavioral Neuroscience, directs the Transdisciplinary Behavioral Science Program at RTI. Previously, she was prevention coordinator and evaluator at the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Research Program centered at the University of Maryland. Dr. Fishbein began her career as professor of
criminology at the University of Baltimore and as a scientific investigator at the University of Maryland and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She then served as a senior researcher with the U.S. Department of Justice to develop and evaluate crime prevention programs. Dr. Fishbein consults regularly with federal, state, and local agencies for purposes of expert witnessing in criminal court, training, technical assistance,
scientific peer reviews, and development of research protocols. She publishes regularly on antisocial and violent behavior and drug abuse. She is primary author of two textbooks, The Dynamics of Drug Abuse and Biobehavioral Perspectives in Criminology, and editor of The Science, Treatment and Prevention of Antisocial Behavior.