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Did you see the Part I of this lecture?

When the external voltage source was turned off the cell resumed its control spontaneous beating rate. The next line is a continuation of the recording from the same cell. When EPA was added to the superfusate the beating rate began to slow and now the myocyte paid no attention to stimuli at 15 V or at 20 V from the external source. At 25 V the cell responds but only to every other stimulus. When delipidated bovine serum albumin was added to the medium perfusing the myoytes the EPA was extracted from the myocytes and the beating returned to its control rate. Now the myocyte responded to external stimuli delivered at 15 V just as it had initially. This action of the n-3 fatty acids occurring directly on every cardiomyocyte on the cover-slip in the absence of hormonal or neural control, indicates the potent electrical stabilizing action of these interesting n-3 fish oil fatty acids.