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Check for position: Always check position before putting anything in the mouth. Feet should be flat on floor or foot rest (not dangling). Trunk straight (use roll or other positioning supports as needed)

Head at midline: make sure head is at midline. Recheck position frequently. Child cannot eat if he(she) is working too hard to swallow.

Position of person presenting food: Person should be eye level with the child. Donít make the child look up while eating to see you. When feeding you should sit facing the child or on the side, in front of the shoulder, within eye range of the child.

Continue to recheck body and head position: While feeding recheck positioning as often as is needed for child. Watch for fatigue. The child may need some extra support during last part of meal, or to be fed more frequently (smaller meals).

Alternate position during meals: Children with hypertonia sometimes do better when fed in right side-lying position.