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[It is good to have an animal crackers for this part]

Consider what happens when yout ake a bite of animal cracker. What happens once food is in the mouth?

1. Rotary chew (jaw movement)

2. Teeth break down the food

3. Cheeks contract to keep food out of the sulci (sides of the mouth)

4. Tongue moves the food around to keep it under the teeth to continue to break the food down.

5. Tongue may clear the sulci or teeth tops if food gets stuck there

6. Food is formed into a ball (called a bolus); held against the alveolar ridge, tongue surrounds the bolus, forms a central groove (like a bowl) similar to when you make an “sh” sound

7. Tongue moves the bolus to the back of the mouth where it hits the faucial pillars (near the tonsils) triggering the swallow

8. Jaw works to break up food

9. Lips stay closed to keep food in