Ron Raab B.Ec.

 Brief Biography 


Ron Raab B.Ec., is a Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF)  and a member of the IDF Insulin, Strips and Other Diabetes Supplies Task Force.


He is also President of Insulin for Life Australia Inc which sends donated insulin and other supplies to countries in need on a sustainable, equitable assess basis.


Ron has had Type 1 diabetes for the last 47 years since the age of 6. He has a background in economics, statistics and program management and worked at the International Diabetes Institute , Melbourne, Australia 1980-2000.


Ron is also active about issues of “empowering” people with diabetes by trying to convey their views in the policies and activities of the IDF. "Successful management of diabetes by people with diabetes is a complex issue. One of the important roles of health care professionals and Diabetes Associations is to facilitate and encourage this process of diabetes “ownership” and responsibility by the person with diabetes themselves.  



Ron Raab B.Ec.


Vice President, International Diabetes Federation

Member, IDF Task Force on Insulin, Test Strips and Other Diabetes Supplies


President, Insulin for Life Australia Inc.... Saving Lives around the World