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Age-specific incidence of invasive breast cancer in Sweden in the period 1971-2002. The annual incidence increase in the period 1971-1985 was about 1%. The incidence increase in 1976-77 is probably due the start of the mammography screening trials.

After 1986 when the organized screening started, a marked incidence increase occurred in the invited age group 50-69 years. More than 90% of women aged 50-69 years have been invited since 1991. The incidence increase in the last part of the 1990ís may be due partly to improved techniques (double picture, computer assisted reading and the use of quality manuals in the screening programme) and partly to the start of mammography screening in the last counties.

Up to 2002 no similar fall in breast cancer incidence in older women has emerged. If the women above 69 years are grouped into 5-years age groups, no significant incidence reduction occurred in women aged 70-74 years (in several Swedish counties women in the age group 70-74 have been invited to screening), while a 12% incidence decline occurred in women aged 75-79 years in 1997-2002.