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For all Manitobans, whether they are RFN or not, injury hospitalizations represent only about 6-8% of all hospitalizations. However, RFN individuals have more hospitalizations for injury than all other Manitobans.


Causes of these injury hospitalizations vary substantially:

Most common cause for RFN is “violence”
à 17% violence by others
à 14% violence to self,


Most common cause for all other Manitobans is “falls” (48%)


Treatment for diabetes is more than four times as high for RFN people compared to all other Manitobans.  Thus, one would expect to see an adverse outcome of diabetes, such as lower limb amputation, to be four times as high.  In reality, RFN people are about sixteen times as likely to have an amputation as a result of diabetes.

RFN population vs. other Manitobans: 3.1 vs 0.19 per 1000 for ages 20-79