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Life expectancy at birth  Among both male and female RFN people, life expectancy is about 8 years shorter compared to other Manitobans.


Premature mortality rate (PMR) - This is twice as high for RFN people.  Surprisingly, some of the southern RHAs that have the healthiest overall health populations also have RFN populations with the poorest health status.


Potential Years of Life Lost - This report shows that RFN males, and especially RFN females, are at a much higher risk of dying young compared to other Manitoban males and females.


Within Tribal Council areas, despite the overall lower health status, there is a surprising gradient. 

E.g. Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council has a much poorer health status than Keewatin tribal Council (PMR is 9.3 vs 4.8). 
Females in the Southeast Resource Development Council have a life expectancy of 69 compared with 80 in the Island Lake Tribal Council. 
Generally, some of the Tribal Councils in southern Manitoba have the poorest health status of all the Council areas.