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"Burden" of disease is another important indicator of both health status and the health care needs of a population. Burden refers to each personís risk of having the condition, as well as the number of people affected by the condition
  • See Measuring the impact of a condition upon a population  for details
  • Two main conditions used in this study - diabetes and injury - are known to be significant problems among First Nations.

    Definitions:(validated by comparisons with surveys & clinical data)

    • Diabetes - occurs when pancreas doesnít produce enough insulin, when cells stop responding to the insulin, or temporarily during pregnancy; glucose in the blood cannot be absorbed into the bodyís cells
  • Injuries - hospitalizations for at least one day due to an injury; 4 groups - violence (by others or to self), falls, motor vehicle, drowning; included hospitalizations lasting one day or longer due to an injury (indicated by the presence of one of the ICD-9-CM  E-Codes  on the hospital record)
  • Newborn hospitalizations with E-Codes & brain deaths were excluded.