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Changes in social attitudes involving womenís rights and sex education are demanded before STDs can be eradicated. How drug abuse, homosexuality and prostitution are involved per locality requires many more psychological-sociological studies relating to disease transmission. From quite another point of view, failure to eradicate syphilis and other STDs indicates failure by public health. In turn, this will be due to poor financing. Assuredly, the relations between AIDS and syphilis transmissions will absorb many more future studies.
Possibly, reversion to strict monogamy will bring the guaranteed eradication of all STDs, but still it is against current trends in behavior. Which cases can be PREVENTED by antibiotics like azithromycin and oral penicillin, which demand condoms and so forth? How informed is the public regarding the risks. The applicability of vaccines depends on how high the risk is. Much more publicity ("Letís talk about it") has to be given if the STDs are to be eradicated. Syphilis is an anachronism ! Eradication of all these antique diseases is technically simple, although of course the APPLICATION of the solution is costly, and absolutely requires sex education often still unavailable. Metchnikoff may have been the first to advocate sex education.