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First night in a tent at Bam Health Center: After dinner, without having lunch!

Since, assembling such a team had not been planned ahead, defective supporting supplies like food and transportation in the field was a serious problem. In addition to that field managers were so concerned about this young team that they even took their presence as an interference and disturbance to the area!

So, in order not to cause any disturbance we tried to keep silent and avoid unnecessary commotion even in our staying place. But as luck would have it, the uninvited presences of a centipede in the girls' tent led to burst of deafening screams. It seemed as if that the field managers heard a scream for each step taken by the invader centipede. Specially, when simultaneously there was a power cut!

This was not a detective story by Agatta Christy, but just a real disaster field experience that really led to a second disaster for us the day after.