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In 1991, the responsibilities and functions related to disaster management of Iran were formally assigned to the Ministry of Interior (MOI). The police force, gendarmerie and the revolutionary corps were united in the form of the Disciplinary Forces in 1992, and were put under the command of the MOI. These forces play an important role in the emergency phase of disasters.

Under the MOI, there are two important organizations: BRCSR and NDTF. BRCSR conducts research on safety measures; formulates preparedness and mitigation plans; and collects, analyses and disseminates information on disaster management. The NDTF is an inter-organizational body chaired by the MOI, whose activities vary during different phases following disasters. When a sudden disaster occurs, the NDTF assumes the task of co-coordinating relief operations carried out by technical ministries and relief organizations. At other times, it is concerned with coordination of preparedness and mitigation activities.

A Disaster Task Force headed by the provincial Deputy Governor General is also in place in each province of the country.