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Ruins of the Takht-e-Jamshid, the former capital of Iran in 2500 years ago,           near the city of Shiraz

Iran is among the old civilizations in the world and for this reason and due to its variety of climates and a number of beautiful natural attractions, it is considered as one of the worlds most important tourism centers. Of the worlds places recognized and registered as "the worlds Civilization Heritage" by UNESCO, four are located in Iran.

Iran comprises a land area of over 1.6 million square Km (three times the size of Arizona). It is located in south west of Asia and is one of the middle-east countries. Iran is bounded by Turkmenistan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, and Armenia on the North, Afghanistan and Pakistan on the East, Oman Sea and Persian Gulf on the South, and Iraq and Turkey on the West. Totally Iran has a border of 8731 kms. According to the latest census on 1996, total population of the country was 60055488.

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