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Dr.Shiv Chandra Mathur is a public health specialist. He has taught epidemiology in Medical Colleges of Rajasthan for more than two decades. Currently he is Director of apex level training and research institute in the Health sector in the largest state of India.

Dr.Shiv Mathur is deeply involved in implementing the HRD component of RCH project (funded by World Bank/UNFPA/European Commission) in India. He has earlier contributed two lectures to the Supercourse on different components of Reproductive Health which are available on the same website.

Violence against Women is present in most societies but it often goes unrecognized, accepted as part of the order of lifestyles. In different part of the World, between 16% and 52% of women suffer physical violence from their male partners. According toWHO, one of  five women suffers rape or attempted rape in their lifetimes. Thus the subject needs a thorough understanding.