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Ronan Lyons is a Senior Lecturer in the University of Wales College of Medicine, a Consultant in Public Health Medicine with Iechyd Morgannwg Health in Swansea, Wales, and an Honorary Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine at Morriston Hospital, Swansea.

He has along standing interest in injury prevention and set up the first population based emergency room surveillance system in Wales in 1993. Since 1998 he has also become the Director of the All Wales Injury Surveillance System (AWISS) which links population data to attendance at all the Emergency Departments in Wales.

AWISS is being used to identify injury hot-spots, monitor trends and target and evaluate preventive interventions.

Current research includes fracture epidemiology in children and older people, a trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent fractures in older people in residential homes, case-control studies of the effectiveness of protective equipment in rugby football, a population study of severe hand injuries, and contributing to a European project aiming to measure the medical costs of injuries.

He is also a trustee of Child Safe Wales, a charitable body set up to promote injury reduction amongst children and is a member of the International Society for Childhood and Adolescent Injury Prevention (ISCAIP).