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Currently, large-scale cohort studies of CHD risk factors are including African Americans, however, few seem to have a particular interest in specifically examining the curious risk factor profile in African American women. Nor did the American College of Physicians (ACP) give any special consideration to the fact that African American women experience CHD 10 years before any other major racial gender group. ACP guidelines do not recommend cholesterol screening for women under 45 years of age despite the fact that African American women are most vulnerable to developing the disease at this age (26). Hopefully, additional research will provide physicians who are responsible for developing national guidelines with enough data to make their recommendations relevant to all gender/racial mixes. Researchers should beware of the danger of exclusivity; it is possible that upon the completion of future large scale studies, one irony that may emerge is that the major racial/gender group who was given the least consideration (African American Women) actually had the most valuable information to contribute to humanities understanding of CHD.