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This is a simplification of a lot of tabulated data of the pain score and the disappearance of pain for all four limbs over time. Now, if youíre going to inject this capsaicin and youíre going to have pain, but if you proceeded it by a placebo cream instead of an anesthetic cream, what will happen? The person will expect that there will be perhaps an attenuation of the pain in that limb, or if itís in the leg, in the other limb.

What really happens is that the pain diminished and went away more quickly in the very limbs that had the placebo cream applied but not the other limbs. And if before the cream, and before the skin injection, you got a shot of placebo, it didnít affect it, but if you got a shot of Naloxone, what happened is that relief of pain completely disappeared. It works through opiates and itís spatially specific.