Micheline Beaudry is professor of Community Nutrition and International Nutrition at Universite Laval in Quebec city, Canada (since 1989). From January 1995 to December 1996, she was on leave from the University and Chief of the Nutrition Section in UNICEF Headquarters (New York).
Previous positions include professor at Universite de Moncton (1980-1989) and
    Regional Advisor in Nutrition Education at the Pan American Health Organization, in Washington (1975-79). She holds a Ph.D. in International Nutrition from Cornell University. Her international experience started in Latin America and the Caribbean at the end of the 60s. Between 1980-1991 she developed and directed a cooperation program between the University in Canada and several institutions in Nicaragua. She has since been involved with nutrition issues in most major regions and has seen the ravages of poor nutrition as well as the opportunities it provides for improving people's lives.
    She has been active in several professional societies, frequently around the relevance of research, training and programs, to the nutrition problems of vulnerable groups. Her recent research has focused mainly on the area of breastfeeding and on food security. She has a number of scientific publications and communications and has done frequent consultations for national and international organizations

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