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Tom Jefferson qualified in 1979 from Pisa University in Italy and joined the British Army in 1981. After 5 years as a family doctor in Hong Kong, the Falklands and the United Kingdom he fled to Public Health. He is at present Edmund Parkes Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Royal Defence Medical College in Gosport, England, Head of the Army Health Unit in Aldershot and Coordinator of of the Cochrane Vaccines Field. Tom developed an interest in health economics and economic evaluation during his Master of Science course in Public Health in the 1980s and has since published numerous evaluations and written an introductory book on the subject: Jefferson T O, Demicheli V, Mugford M. Elementary Economic Evaluation in Health Care. London: BMJ Books 1996. This lecture is based on the first two chapters of the book.

Tomís current work is aimed at developing the relationship between effectiveness and efficiency through the means of Cochrane reviews and co-editing a book on peer-review. Tomís hobbies include Alfa Romeos and opera.