Supercourse Lectures from Members of the Institute of Medicine (IOM)

The IOM serves as adviser to the nation to improve health. As an independent, scientific adviser, the Institute of Medicine strives to provide advice that is unbiased, based on evidence, and grounded in science. The mission of the Institute of Medicine embraces the health of people everywhere.  

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Updated November/24/2010

Aaron Beck and Gregory Brown Baruch Blumberg Willard Cates Hoosen (Jerry) Coovadia Michael Doyle Carroll Estes William Evans Stefan Fajans
Jonathan E. Fielding
  • Using Evidence To Improve Public Health Infrastructure.    Part I     Part II
Baruch Fischhoff Joseph Fraumeni Victor Fuchs Bernard Goldstein Lawrence O. Gostin Jimmie Holland William L. Holzemer James Hughes Jeffrey Koplan Joseph Larner Elaine Larson Joshua Lederberg Ting-Kai Li David Lipman Donald R Mattison Ronald Miller Fitzhugh Mullan Ferid Murad Roberta B.Ness Gilbert Omenn Eric K. Noji Darwin Prockop Griffin P. Rodgers Roger Rosenblatt Robert Schrier
  • From Finch to Fish to Man: Role of Body Fluid Volume Regulation    Part I       Part II
Lawrence Shepp Paul A. Sieving Barbara Starfield John Trojanowski Nora D. Volkow Kenneth Warner
  • Economics of Tobacco: Myths and Realities.   Part I     Part II 
  • Technology, Policy, and the Future of Nicotine Addiction.   Part I     Part II
Daniel R. Weinberger Jeanine Wiener-Kronish
  • Acute P. aeruginosa Infections - From Genes to the Bedside. The relationship between research and clinical care.    Part I     Part II
James B. Wyngaarden Elias A. Zerhouni