If you have any comments, suggestions or you want  to join the Islamic Global Health Network (IGHNet) please contact Abdullatif Husseini (abdullatifh@gmail.com).   

Abdullatif Husseini, PhD, MPH, MS, is an Assistant Professor of Public Health (Epidemiology) and Coordinator of the epidemiology unit at the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University. Abdullatif’s research interests include epidemiology of chronic/noncommunicable diseases, and epidemiology of smoking. Abdullatif has taught classical and advanced epidemiology to public health students. He has also conducted training courses for health professionals in various epidemiological topics and health program evaluation. He is also a health program/project evaluator.

Arabic Supercourse Lectures

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Air Safety and Terrorism in Arabic CVD Epidemiology Case Studies in Arabic
Influenza A H1N1 awareness posters in Arabic Haiti earthquake in Arabic
Swine Flu in Arabic Modifiable Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes in Arabic
Types of Studies in Diabetes Epidemiology in Arabic Risk Factors for Smoking in the EMR Region in Arabic
Dietary Intervention and Recommendations in the Prevention of Obesity and Heart Disease in Arabic Health transition and emerging cardiovascular disease in developing countries: situation and strategies for prevention Part I in Arabic  Part III in Arabic
Influenza A(H1N1) (Swine Flu): A Global Outbreak  in Arabic The Future of Global Health in Arabic
The Importance of Prioritizing Cancer Prevention at Major Academic Cancer Centers     in Arabic   Agendas and Architecture in Global Health. Part I. in Arabic  Part II. in Arabic
Golden Lecture of Prevention (Arabic) Global Health (in Arabic)
The National and Global Cancer Burden (English-Arabic) DIAGNOSIS AND PREVENTION OF GOUT in Arabic
Allergy in Children (In Arabic)  Tsunami (Arabic)
Scarlet fever (Arabic) Physical activity and Health (Arabic)
Supercourse overview (Arabic) Dengue fever (Arabic)
Public Health Disaster Consequences (Arabic) The National and Global Cancer Burden. Part I. (In Arabic) Part II. (In Arabic)
Smoking in Jordan (Arabic) Food Protection Part I in Arabic    Part II
Integrated Pest Management Program Part I in Arabic    Part II WHO/EMRO approach to support e-health in the Region (Arabic)
MicroWorld in Arabic   Malaria in Arabic
Introduction in occupational diseases. In Arabic Poisoning and environmental emergencies in Arabic
Swimming Pools (in Arabic) Sick building syndrome in Arabic
Potable Water Part I (in Arabic)  Part II (in Arabic) Quite Smoking: Psychological Management. In Arabic
Health Consequence of Smoking. Part I In Arabic  Part II In Arabic Facilities and Equipment Part I in Arabic   Part II    Part III
Safe Food Handler in Arabic Epidemiology of TB in Arabic
BCG vaccines in Arabic DOTS strategy in Arabic
Towards Sustainable Competitive Advantage through effective management of people in Arabic CAN WE DEVELOP A COHERENT STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH? In Arabic  
Building Knowledge Societies. the Supercourse   in Arabic Epidemiology of viral hepatitis in Arabic
Basis of Immunity (in Arabic) Vaccines and Vaccination (In Arabic)
Strategic Plan: OIC-Supercourse at the Library of Alexandria  in Arabic Nizwa Healthy Lifestyle Project, Planning and Implementation Experience 1999 - 2008   in Arabic
The level of Physical activity among Omani school children in Arabic Strategic approaches in comabating diabetes mellitus part I    part II

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