If you have any comments, suggestions or you want  to join the Islamic Global Health Network (IGHNet) please contact Abdullatif Husseini (abdullatifh@gmail.com).      

 Abdullatif Husseini, PhD, MPH, MS, is an Assistant Professor of Public Health (Epidemiology) and Coordinator of the epidemiology unit at the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University. Abdullatif’s research interests include epidemiology of chronic/noncommunicable diseases, and epidemiology of smoking. Abdullatif has taught classical and advanced epidemiology to public health students. He has also conducted training courses for health professionals in various epidemiological topics and health program evaluation. He is also a health program/project evaluator.

Islamic Supercourse Lectures

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Evidence-Based Medicine Can we practice effectively without it? Beta Thalassemia: an Overview
Epidemiology of Hypothyroidism VARIABLES
Potential Errors in Epidemiologic Studies I.
Potential Errors in Epidemiologic Studies II.
Random Error
Potential Errors in Epidemiologic Studies III.
Potential Errors in Epidemiologic Studies IV.
Epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Arab World The Herbal Treatment of Diseases
Device Related Nosocomial Infection in ICU. Part I Device Related Nosocomial Infection in ICU. Part II
Capture-recapture techniques for determining incidence and prevalence of diabetes Health Care Market
Screening Rift Valley Fever
Healthy Worker Effect (HWE). An annoying methodological aspect in occupational studies? Part I.   Part II. Exposure to organic solvents and health in developing countries - perspectives on prevention
Social Aspects of Diseases Deriving Biological Inferences From Epidemiologic Studies
Strategies for Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Risk factors for coronary Artery diseases in Pakistanis: A cross–sectional Study 
Family Medicine And Primary Care. Teaching Programs As A Priority Discipline In Pakistan DEVOLUTION PLAN AND HEALTH CARE IN PAKISTAN. CHALLENGES AND CONSTRAINTS
PAKISTAN: Epidemiological Transition. Country Statistics Proposal writing  
PRIMARY CARE IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Nutritional Assessment of a Community
Mineral, Vitamins & Energy Health Education
Essential Food Elements Introduction to Homoeopathy
Identification of needs in a high risk population The Biochemical System of Medicine
Islamic Medical Association of North America TELEPREVENTION IN MALAYSIA
An update on HIV/AIDS and STDs in Pakistan: epidemiological trends over the last decade Health Information Technology and Telecommunication Support in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Epidemiological Researches in Egypt Ramadan Fasting and Muslim Patients
Earthquakes 2000 to 2005 From Indonesia to Pakistan  

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