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Asking the questions. Easy?  In Spanish         Kaye’s Model. Breaking Bad News           Initiation 

The Health Belief Model. Factors Influencing Patient Compliance                    Models of Illness

Telephone Consultation                    Using an Expert. What is expertise?        Experts, Expertise & GP’s

Chronic Disease Management. Beyond CDM Payments         Fad Diagnoses. Or fashionable labels

Complementary Medicine. Why bother for a whole term?      The Economics of Clinical Governance

Medical Ethics            Evidence Based Medicine              Basic statistics in Spanish  Whither NHS net

Clinical epidemiology                        Critical Appraisal. Or Making Reading More Worthwhile  in Spanish

What’s all this MeSH? An introduction to Medical Subject Headings   in Spanish              The Cochrane Library  in Spanish

Employing Staff       Study Leave Guide

Clinical Tutorials for GP Registrars

Lower Limb       Coronary Heart Disease Prevention       Primary Care Diabetes        URTI

COPD      Acute headache    Irritable Bowel Syndrome     After a stroke     Domestic abuse

Family planning. Part I  Part II       Tailoring HRT to the patient     Eyes        Depression

Anti-depressants      Palliative Care       Skins 1     Skins 2        Curettage and Cautery

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